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From: “Raiders E-News Journal ”
Date: August 9, 2009 10:24:06 AM EDT
To: “TPR”
Subject: Raiders E-News Journal

Raiders E-News Journal Now Online!

Breaking news from around the world including wonderful new discovery, frightening science, government corruption, unfolding prophecy and more is now online exclusively at:

Today’s features include:

* PART 18: Read It Before It Is Banned By The US Government
* Big Corp’s Highly Guarded Secret To Manipulate Creation
* DNA Experiment On Kids To ID Genetic Gifts, Predict Future
* Is Surrogates Hypothesis Getting Closer to Reality?
* Cloud Ship Scheme To Deflect The Sun’s Rays Is Favorite
* New York Times: Children Bad for Environment
* World Community Grid: IBM Sees Big Opportunity In Water
* Particle Collider: Black Hole Or Crucial Machine?
* RFID Vehicle Access Control System With High ID Rate
* Hollywood’s Distortion Of Truth Alters History For Children
* Palin: Obama’s Health Care Death-Panel Is “Downright Evil”
* White House Warns Critics Nazi Talk Puts Them On “Thin Ice”
* Obama’s “Jesuit Approach” To Counter Terrorism

Find these stories and many, many more today exclusively at:

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