Does this picture look like an innocent piece of graphic art, or would this rendition of the State of Florida fall into the category of “occult blind” symbolism?

(Above photo from the SuperChannel homepage:  It was a small-sized pic but when saved to iPhone’s photo album it increased in k’s and hence is a little blurry.)

Early yesterday morning I had gone to the WACX site because one program they carry does not air in my current location, and I wondered if I could watch it from their website.  That Florida pic was the first thing I noticed on their front page and my immediate gut reaction was, “Eeeek, that is ONE UGLY PICTURE!”  Sorry Claud/WACX, but that’s the truth. :-/

Is not the two-tone choice of colors for Florida (flesh color with purple/greyish tip) rather suspicious, not to mention the Oroborous “ring” around the WACX  Central Florida viewing area?

(The above pic is from an inside page of the WACX website, using iPhone’s Safari browser’s “save image” option:

Note also it says in red, “Tall Tower, Full Power.”  (??)

Putting those three elements together, one might wonder if this picture isn’t a “subliminal image” of a “phallic symbol.”

For more documenation of such instances, check out the DVD documentary, “Rape of The Soul”: (The below pic is the DVDs cover art. If you watch the DVD you’ll know why they chose such a dreadful picture):


If you’ve done any research on the New World Order, you likely already know it is being promulgated by sex-crazed Luciferians.  Using “occult blind” symbols and imagery is how they hope to seduce the unaware (that’s what THEY believe).

Check out this series of movie posters in a theater lobby…


As the question goes, “What’s that spell?”  (That pic was found in this youtube video – which, btw, isn’t that good of a video except for the above example): 


The distressing aspect of all this is that these types of subliminals are so readily found in Christian art and literature as well (occult symbols on Tim LaHaye books: ).  And the above Christian-TV SuperChannel pic may be  another example.


So from whence does this insanity come?  Are the artists/graphic artists merely “playing a joke” on their paying customers who hire them to create logos, artwork or graphics? (You hear this excuse a lot from people who don’t want to believe subliminal art is designed a certain way ON PURPOSE).

Or have all art/graphic design schools been “infiltrated” with corrupt teachers who are “working the occult plan” by teaching young innocent students to incorporate certain symbols in their art?  (Every other institution of learning has been infiltrated, so why not art schools?)

Or, in the current Florida example, did the Christian owner of the Christian SuperChannel ask for such a picture of Florida?  Is he a Freemason?  Or part of the Luciferian sex cult?  Is he playing a joke on his website visitors?

I would like to think not. Since I lived in the WACX viewing area until fairly recently, I watched the channel often and enjoyed the owner/Claud and his wife, Freida, and their daughter, Angela the piano player/singer.

Awhile back I was reading the WACX Privacy Policy or Terms of Service at their website (can’t remember which – it’s been awhile) and rather than it saying SuperChannel, it said Ken Copeland.  Copeland has been accused of being a Freemason:


(Masonic language and symbolism in the above Copeland product.)

So does Copeland have some ownership in the SuperChannel, or did the SuperChannel merely borrow some of Copeland’s “forms” for their website?  I sent WACX an email several years ago and asked but never got an answer.

Maybe Copeland lends SuperChannel his favorite graphic artist as well(?)


You may reason that the artist for the Florida picture was merely trying to color the end of the state to blend in with the coloring of the aerial map. But Why? is my first question.  Why not have the entire state the same color?

And, besides, whoever heard of a tan/skin-colored Florida?  I’ve never seen Florida colored like this before.  Florida is not a desert but is full of greenery.  Wouldn’t green or yellow or blue be a more “normal” map color?

Inquiring minds want to know.

The clearest and last shot saved via iPhone yesterday morn:

I saved several copies on purpose in case the pic gets taken down.


Texe Marrs has a few good books on the subject of occult symbols and subliminal images:

  Codex Magica—Secret Signs, Mysterious Symbols, and Hidden Codes of the Illuminati

  Mysterious Monuments: Encyclopedia of Secret Illuminati Designs, Masonic Architecture, and Occult Places

  Mystery Mark of the New Age

All Texe’ books here:


Additionally, several artists who were formerly Jehovah’s Witnesses have made websites and/or art examples/DVDs on the subject after noticing such images in the literature of those religions as well.  There are pages of Google results on the subject. Here is just one example:

And here is an opposite example of someone “unaware by choice.”  His site is called FreeMinds yet his mind seems more closed than free on this subject. He is a former JW HQ volunteer turned Baptist yet says:  “Had I become a Christian instead [of a JW] at the time (which I am now), I would not have given nearly so much credit to the devil!”

Hmm.  Interesting comment considering the Lord and the Apostles warned:  “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.” – 1st Peter 5:8


The point being:  Phallic symbols, subliminal or otherwise, are not unheard of and are more common than people might think.  (As for Christians, it should be no surprise whatsoever.  The Old Testament is full of instances where the Lord became incensed at Israel because they kept building — and rebuilding — their “pillars”.)


(Above pic: Obelisk at the Israel Supreme Court)

In the modern era, we have the Washington Monument (built by Freemasons), and similar (but smaller) obelisks on the grounds of the Israeli Supreme Court Building (above pic), and also in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican, etc.  All three of those nations certainly should know their Old Testaments.  And the examples in that well-made Catholic “Rape of The Soul” DVD should wake up the most cynical skeptic, Catholic or otherwise. 

Education and Awareness.  That’s my motivator.  Thanks for reading.    

/bgTPR from iPhone


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