TBN: 4 Out of 5 Doctors Say “No!” to Swine Flu Vaccine: Which 1 Said “Yes!”?


The newest CuttingEdge newsletter for 11/4/09 has two new articles re the Swine Flu and Vaccines.  See further below.

But first…

…A few days ago TBN’s “Praise The Lord” program hosted a panel of “alternative health doctors.”  

You can still watch it here in the video archives:  http://www.tbn.org/watch-us/archives

Thursday Oct 29, 2009
Matt & Laurie Crouch host Doctors’ Night with Dr. Eric Braverman, Kevin Leville, Dr. Scott Stoll, Dr. Ed Wagner, Dr. Raafat Girgis… in Costa Mesa, CA.
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Matt & Laurie as hosts basically did an hour-long Question & Answer session with these docs re just about everything health-wise — all good, & I agreed with 99% of what they had to say. 

What SHOCKED me, though (and the reason for writing this email), is when Matt went around the panel and asked each doc if they would give their kids a swine flu vaccine?  ALL of them emphatically said “NO!” — EXCEPT ONE…

And that ONE doc who said “Yes” is a doc I previously thought was quite brilliant and spiritually perceptive.  See my posts from a year ago re this doc after seeing him the first time:


As of the current TBN program I have changed my mind re this guy because of his “Yes to vaccines” answer — AND due to something else he said…



Eric Braverman, MD, of New York, a handsome still-young brain doc for 30 years, also a Jewish-Christian: http://www.google.com/search?q=dr+Eric+braverman&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en&client=safari

Dr. Eric is totally into fresh herbs & spices as cures (often quoting the Book of Revelation 22:2 re the “leaves of the trees are for the curing of the nations.”)

He also parallels the brain (the “golden bowl” that connects to the spinal column, the “silver cord” – Book of Ecclesiastes 12:6) as being the master of the entire body, ie, the brain determines the health of the body.  All good.  Agreed. 

The problem, imnho, is his “over-devotion” to “modern technology” and “science” which gives me the willies. 

Dr. E actually SAID on the TBN program that the Lord Jesus, when He is ruling on earth as King during the millenium, will use computers, modern technology/science to heal people and bring about eternal life!!  Huh??? :-/

That sounds MORE like what the Illuminists have planned for their wicked, Godless, dying selves (reference:  “Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement”):  

Was Doctor E describing what the ANTICHRIST will promise the world, ie, health and eternal life via “modern technology”?  Tsk Tsk.    

Sorry, Doc, but I don’t think the True Lord God needs computers, science, nor man-made technology to heal anybody, nor to extend to them eternal life!  I REALLY think God Almighty has ALL of that covered Himself withOUT needing man’s puny yet arrogant attempts to provide what only God can bestow.

Me thinks Dr. E needs to chill back down a little to acknowledging his sinful human status (meaning as much as he would like to find and have ALL the answers NOW, it just “ain’t gonna happen,” friend!), and to burn his copy of the Talmud (which I’ve heard him mention a few times on other programs) and stick with the Word of God.

This Skeptics (atheist?) Forum has a thread which turns to the subject of Dr. Eric Braverman and his involvement with the Life Extension Foundation which, evidently, is made up of a questionable character or two, most notably the “Stargate Project” guy: 

OK, that’s my two-cents on that.  Now here’s the CuttingEdge News articles re vaccines/Swine Flu mentioned at the top…

The weekly Cutting Edge newsletter has been posted for November 4, 2009:

What is going on in the Ukraine concerning the Swine Flu?  Is it possible that a new virus has been released?

NEWS BRIEF: “Swine Flu, Mystery Virus Or Pure Hype: What Is Going On In Ukraine? Swine Flu epidemic, no epidemic at all, or new strain of virus?”, by Steve Watson, Infowars , Monday, Nov 2, 2009


Some school officials are showing extreme carelessness by vaccinating children without parental approval.  At least one child is already in the hospital!

NEWS BRIEF: “Public school nurses give swine flu vaccine to kids without parents’ OK: Shot sends child to hospital”, New York Daily News, October 30, 2009


Is a breakthrough imminent on declaring a Palestinian State?  The Israeli Prime Minister and Defense Minister are flying to the White House to put their signatures on a draft agreement which would establish a Palestinian State!

NEWS BRIEF: “Israeli PM and Defense Minister Barack Travel To US To Create Draft Agreement To Establish A “Viable Palestinian State”, Israel National News, by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz, November 3, 2009


North Korea raises the stakes in its nuclear arms threat against the West.

NEWS BRIEF: “North Korea raises stakes in nuclear threat”, The Jerusalem Post, November 3, 2009

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