I confess I am a sucker for general Google search, Google Images search, Google Earth, Google Maps, and Gmail, not to mention how Google has taken over our YouTube accounts as well.

As yet I’ve never used their Docs nor Calendar nor Dashboard nor whatever else they have, but at the rate I’m going… :-/ 

However, earlier this year I did a dummie-test-run of their Google Groups but I didn’t like a few aspects of it (compared to Yahoogroups).  I also tried their Adsense for Domains which is fine if you are looking to make about two literal bucks, lol.  So!  There actually are a few Google inventions I’m not wooed about!

Maybe there’s hope afterall. :)        

This Big Brother-like observation is from “The iPhone Blog” re: Google Dashboard on the iPhone via Safari…

Google Dashboard — How Much Do They Know About You?

Posted: 06 Nov 2009 07:41 PM PST


Google Dashboard gives you one handy, dandy place to keep track of all your Google stuff. Let’s face it, more than any other device, the iPhone is the mobile internet. Google — well it is the internet. If you’re a big Google user, they know what you search for, the contents of your Gmail, the appointments in your Google Calendar, the data in your Google Docs, your Google Latitude coordinates, and who knows what else…

Well, now you do. Let us know how that works for you.

(NB- No iPhone/Mobile WebKit optimized version yet but it works just fine in Safari).

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Google Dashboard — How Much Do They Know About You?


From: The iPhone Blog <>
Date: November 7, 2009 8:52:17 PM EST
Subject: The iPhone Blog


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