TPR.yg UPDATE! Shocker!

Greetings fellow saints, visitors, welcome newbies, et al, one & all…

LONG TIME NO (personal) UPDATE to TPR at yahoogroups! Sorry about that!

(pic notice… because YGs takes them out of context)


As you can see, I’ve been pretty weighed down under all that fur, lol. 

Actually, I’ve been trying out a simple freebie blog at the past few months which I “inherited by default”… More on that later. 

I hadn’t mentioned it yet through TPR.yg because I am still barely posting anything at all these days… maybe once a week IF even that.  

And I wasn’t sure I would even keep using that blog site (still not sure, but no time to re-set up elsewhere), but it’s slightly better than yahoogroups in that it embeds pictures & videos automatically via email, and within your text & not the way YGs does it. 

The Posterous blog site does have it’s annoying quirks, but since the company is still fairly new, they are working on it constantly to get it all squared away. It’s supposed to be Mac-friendly which is why I keep hanging on. 

However, it grieves me that my beloved pic I assembled for the TPR.yg front page is just a small speck on the blog page. :-/  (pic here)



In early July I got an iPhone even though I had no idea what it was all about really.  My sister got one the year before but I thought it was just a weird looking phone.  I also wasn’t wild about being connected to “I Spy ATT” again since I had dumped Cingular the year before.  

But I took the leap & found out this little baby is a fantastic palm-size computer & Internet machine!  I Doooo LOVE my iPhone!! (pic here)



Since July I have only turned on Mac TWICE! because I use this little baby ALL the time.  No more sitting up with the laptop on top of me, lol. You can kick back with the iPhone in hand & do **almost** (but not quite) everything you can do on a laptop.  It’s a great little invention.


With the iPhone I then “discovered Twitter”… which turned out to be THE PERFECT format for zapping HEADLINES! (140 characters max) … There’s a steady core of a few folks in the NWO News there. So I spent six weeks learning & doing Twitter full-time and it was a blast for awhile but I was getting NOTHING ELSE done whatsoever!  So I stopped “cold turkey” and switched gears, but still will zap something through there once in awhile.


Actually, I never intended to do Twitter. My plan was simply to go there and SAVE all the names** I wanted for future use. But I got sucked in, lol. It was fun for awhile!  It’s much easier to simply zap headlines & links vs full articles with commentaries!  

To be able to post to the blog(s) AND Twitter AND Yahoogroups all at once, I switched back to email posting… all from the iPhone (& typing with one pinky) which is why you no longer see my beloved purple text ;) because the iPhone mail app doesn’t have color fonts. :(

But you can DRAW & PAINT on the iPhone with your pinky! (3 pics)…

The Holy Bible,,,


The rapture Trump of God…


The (heavenly) Highway of Holiness…


(An artist I am not! but it sure was fun!  :)

Anyway, if interested, you can sign up at the blog &/or for twitter…  All links below.  There definitely won’t be bombardments of 20-30 emails at a time like the “old says”… Those days are basically oooover for this boooo-mer.


Another big hassle was in Jan. 2009 when I realized keeping my formerly beloved earthlink addys was going to cost me $180 a year, so I set out to redo my emails. I didn’t want to go with Google Big Brother…


…but I did anyway because what else is out there for free that is so easy & convenient?

So I set up a bunch of new gmail  addys… A BUNCH so my news mailboxes don’t get so overloaded!  But when I tried to send an email to all YGs at once, they kept returning them as undeliverable!!  Grrr. I gave up for a long time… just didn’t want to hassle with it.  Yahoogroups support was no help & neither was Google.

Eventually I read you could get free yahoo POP mail by signing up at some of their foreign websites, so that’s what I did & got myself one yahoo.foreign email addy. 

Finally I figured out you cannot send several cc’s and/or bcc’s via gmail, which is how I always posted to groups with earthlink, no problem. But with gmail, the emails will only go through if I put ALL addys in the “To” line! which irks me but “whatchagonnado”?  :-/


Also back during the early part of the year I set up a 2-day “dummie test group” at Google Groups to see if I would like that better than YGs.  The best feature was the ONE-step it takes to add ALL your email addys as group members All At Once!  Piece of cake!! compared to YGs miserable & torturous 5-step for EACH email separately!

However, GGroups removes all formatting when it archives your posts & I didn’t like that.




I also did “test runs” on all the major blog sites, WordPress, Blogger, and a few others I don’t remember. The only one that worked good with Mac was Blogger so that’s where I had planned to set up shop, but then Posterous came along as described above, so that will do for now.


Also in late Jan. 2009 I decided it was time to go buy the TPR domain name. So I ended up at GoDaddy and was having fun playing with all sorts of domain name ideas, including TPR. Then I was too tired to buy any.  That was Jan. 27th.

It was 10 days before I got back over there to BUY the domain. It was then Feb. 7th and to my horror, somebody else bought it THREE DAYS EARLIER on Feb. 4th !!!!!!! (pic)

               LOST FOREVER!!??

Needless to say I was sick at heart!  All those 7-8 years I was the only one using that title yet the VERY SAME timeframe I go to FINALLY buy it, SOMEBODY ELSE bought it a mere THREE DAYS prior!!  Oh boy, that knocked the wind out of me. I figured maybe the Lord thinks it’s time for something else or maybe He never liked the name, etc etc. I did grab the .net version but it’s just not the same.

I figured GoDaddy bought it — as I hear they do that – there’s even a name for that practice in the domaining world but I forgot what it is. 

When I saw the name was already taken, I immediately googled it, and sure enough, it was a parked GoDaddy page with gobs of ads all over it… PLUS they were offering it for sale at that time for around $600+/- big ones!

I guess GoBaddy thinks I’m a sucker. No way would I pay that!!  Over the months the price dropped but then GoBaddy quit showing the price and now uses some intermediate buying service that you have to go through for a $10 fee!  I don’t think so!!

I was even going to buy my real name but saw that a lady PSYCHIC in Chicago has owned it for several years.  Great! I have a “twin” who is a Psychic in the Windy City! Lol.

Ok, that’s enough long-overdue rambling for now!  Hope everyone is doing well in these rocky times!  I zapped this verse to my sis earlier… Isaiah 12:5 for her b-day on 12/5…

“Sing unto the LORD; for he hath done excellent things: this is known in all the earth.”



(pic Aspen Mtn. … and no, I haven’t been back there in three decades, but I never forget the beauty!!  Visit for more great Aspen pics!)




TW:  @ParadiseReports

(YouTube’s revamping of their site this year made a disaster of my pages there. Not a happy camper with their  overhaul.  I loved my YT pages just the way I had them before!  Booo) :-/



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