HELP HAITI (apart from the UN), Here’s How

This suggestion is from the site of one of my trusted Christian sources, Watch Unto Prayer:



If you wish to donate to a trustworthy Christian relief ministry to Haiti, we recommend Missionary Flights International located in Fort Pierce, FL.  Established in 1964, MFI transports supplies to many Christian missions serving in the Caribbean.  Since the earthquake, MFI is carrying supplies to Haiti daily, as well as transporting passengers to and from Haiti.  MFI has no affilation with the United Nations as do the Red Cross, World Vision and many other relief organizations. To learn more about MFI click here



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  1. New updated article added re the Haiti EQ.  Please see here:

    11/27/12:  Disaster Donations, Dividends, Diversions, & Diapers: Who Really Benefits? – THE PARADISE REPORTER:



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