Michael Landon’s Demon Masters Escorted Him to Hell


Short Snip from article at the website, “HOLLYWOOD UNMASKED”:

After a lifetime of contact with demonic spirits who used him to podium another belief system, which betrayed a liberal heart with a “sick, dark side,” Landon was totally distanced from the true God he misled Christians into thinking he represented. Subsequently, at his death, with his life almost extinguished, Landon experienced frightening visions of what awaited him on the other side. His daughter recalls that he was “hearing voices.” (208) She elaborates:

“He raised his fists and clawed at the air. I heard him mumbling…’No, not yet,’ he said clearly, ‘I’m not ready. No, I don’t want to go.’…The nurse told us Dad had spent the night raising his hands and pawning at the air as though he was trying to keep something away.” (210)

The evil spirits who puppeteered Landon through his life turned on him as they claimed his soul at his death. Do not erect a pseudo tower of good works in your mind and declare yourself worthy before God or you too will end up clawing at the forces who will drag you off at your death.

END QUOTE.  Full article (& DVD) at above link. Yow!  Along with articles on other “stars,” such as…

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Michael Landon’s deathbed battle for his eternal soul sounds eerily similar to what happened to the as-yet unsaved guy named Ronald Reagan (not the former President).  I’ve seen his & his wife’s testimony several times.  

Compare her description of what happened to her husband, Ronnie, with what Michael Landon’s daughter said, above…


“He was thrashing, just thrashing about, moaning and groaning.  It was like a battle was going on.  I wasn’t a Christian at the time, and I didn’t know anything about spiritual battles.  But it was scary to me because I could feel it.  It was like light and darkness.  It was like he was fighting against something.  I didn’t know what, but now I know, he was seeing the vision of hell.”

Read their entire testimony here, scroll down:


Also in video at google videos:

Even though I’ve seen several of these type testimonies, Ronnie’s is the one that touched me the most because of THE BABY LAMB !!! :-(

…and how decades & a lifetime later, God “set up” the PERFECT loving timing & scenario to melt Ronnie’s heart for God.  What a beautiful testimony!

Also, you got to love that paramedic in the ambulance when Ronnie was near death!  How many are out there like that?  There surely needs to be more!


The medical doctor who made the above video of the stories of Ronnie & others (& who authored the book, To Hell & Back, re clinical death, ie, REAL DEATH experiences, & not NDEs not OBEs), listen to what he says is occurring in hospitals:


[Dr.  Rawlings]
Many people are trying to dilute the message of hell and heaven saying that neither of these places exists.  Why not eat, drink and be merry?  If there is no accountability, then there is no sin.  And if there is no sin, Christ died in vain.  And if Christ died in vain, what do we need God for? This is the new philosophy of New Age, that there is no hell.  It is a hope of most people that there is no hell. 

Volunteers are going into hospitals, to visit our loved ones, with the New Age message.  It is called the religion of the ending years, the religion of near death experiences.  

“Look, I went to heaven”, they tell the patient that is dying, “I saw the light and I came back.  All is well.  There is no accountability, there is no hell.  Heaven’s gates are open wide for everyone who dies.  Look at me.  I am an atheist and I am here.  You don’t have to worry.  Death is nothing to be feared.  I am going to stay with you.  Your family is too afraid to stay with you while you are dying, but I’m not.  Let me hold your hand.  Let me tell you about this glorious thing that are coming to get you, this beautiful light at the end of the tunnel where there is no worry, no loss, only gain.  You are acceptable as you are.  There is no heaven, there is no hell.  It is eternity for all.”  

This is the new age philosophy called the Omega Faith, where everybody goes to heaven.  There is a group of these people coming into our hospitals, consulting the dying, instead of our church groups consulting the dying. 

Ministry to the dying is the most neglected ministry of all.  Nobody wants it.  Everybody is afraid of a dying patient.  And the dying patient wants to know what dying is all about.  Does it hurt?  Is there a life after death?  Is there a Heaven and a Hell?  How can I make sure that I am going to get to heaven? And you can tell them it is a free gift.  You can tell them how to get it.  But if we don’t defend ourselves against the Omega faith, who are infiltrating the hospitals now with a faith that is deadly, then we are going to lose our own Christianity.  The patient will die naked without any faith at all.

That is so sad!  You wonder how people can get through their entire long lives & either never think about God, or somehow never hear about Him.  Yet last I checked, there are still many churches on many corners, the Internet is packed with Biblical sites, & even sermons every Sunday are still on secular channels if there is no access to Christian channels.  And then there’s radio, etc.

Seems you’d almost have to live in a cave in Timbucktoo to go even 50 years, much less 60-70-80, & never learn about God.

If you haven’t heard the Good News yet, why delay?  Don’t wait until you’re in an ambulance, or on your deathbed in ignorance!

Today is the Day of Salvation:



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    Rats, re the above Michael Landon post: If you forget to type ((nogallery)) in the Email Subject line (which I DID forget!), Posterous automatically puts photos in a “gallery,” which is why Ronnie’s 2 baby lamb photos are all the way at the end of the post rather than in context where I put them. :-(Also, the Google video didn’t show up but here’s the direct link from Dr. Rawling’s webpage:http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8149875636555097567


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