Disgraceful Memorial Day Affronts: 1 More Chance for DADT


From: “Liberty Counsel” <alert@libertyaction.org>
Date: June 2, 2010 10:41:35 PM EDT

Subject: The disgraceful Memorial Day affronts


By Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

Late last week, Congress held two disastrous votes on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and then ran out of town as fast as they could. Thankfully, the Senate vote has yet to take place and we can STILL STOP the radical restructuring of our military – but only if we take a powerful stand this week and next.  Please read my urgent message below (& sign petition here: http://www.libertyaction.org/r.asp?u=28381&RID=24051699 ) – Mat.


In one of the most shameful affronts ever visited upon the United States military, late last week the House of
Representatives and members of the Senate Armed Services Committee voted to repeal the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) policy.  They effectively authorized open homosexuality in
our armed forces…

…and then dashed off to celebrate their Memorial Day recess!  The irony of their betrayal’s timing is stunning.

Voting long before the promised in-depth study could be accomplished, and against the counsel of the Joint Chiefs of Staff NOT to vote before the study’s completion, the House
literally subordinated the welfare and interests of the courageous men and women who serve our country to political promises made to a tiny, shrill minority group.

And the Commander in Chief?  Well, he was taking a quick vacation in his home town of Chicago, leaving the duty of honoring our war dead at the Tombs of the Unknown in Arlington National Cemetery to his vice president.

Of course, a few other presidents have missed the sacred Memorial Day ceremony, but none for such a trivial reason as that given in the official White House notice:  Michelle
Obama was quoted as saying that “the children decided” the first family would vacation in Chicago over the holiday weekend.

++We must be true to our armed forces to the very end.

As has been the 111th Congress’ pattern of behavior, they voted on the controversial bill – then left Capitol Hill for a recess under the cover of reduced Friday afternoon news

But thanks to you and thousands of other concerned citizens across the nation, we still have an opportunity to defeat this outrageous political pay-off and end this unwanted social engineering!

As you probably know, last week in the midst of these key votes we hand-delivered more than 25,000 petitions to key members of Congress announcing strong citizen opposition
to this attack on our military and their families.

Then, I asked Liberty Counsel friends to do more – and the response was magnificent! Between the resulting petitions, faxes and estimated number of phone calls, working together we delivered over a HALF-MILLION citizen contacts to Congress!

This flood of citizen contacts has, I believe, helped bring into question whether the Senate will be able to pass the bill.

++Deciding vote now looms.

All attention now turns to the Senate floor, where a vote could come as soon as next week. The plans for the exact timing of the final vote are being kept secret – like everything else that the Obama/Reid/Pelosi axis of power does.

We must therefore be prepared for the final vote to come with little or no warning at the time when Majority Leader Reid thinks he can rush this bill through.

That’s why I’m asking for your help in a special way this week.

++Sign our Liberty Counsel petition opposing the repeal of DADT!

Congress returns from their Memorial Day “recess” on Monday, June 7. I want to mark their arrival with a fresh round of hand-delivered petitions along with another FLOOD of citizen
action faxes!

But to do that, I need thousands more of our friends to step forward and sign the petition to be delivered to their own Senators and other key Senators next week.

We have repositioned our petition to exclusively target the Senate – where the final vote on the DADT repeal will take place.

Please go here right now to sign the petition so we can flood the Senate in the hours before their crucial vote:


++An unnecessary, dangerous distraction for our military.

Right now, America’s deployed service members are engaged in
combat operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  They face issues of life or death every day.

Unnecessary and harmful risks or distractions imposed on these warriors are the last thing our military personnel need while facing dangerous and resourceful enemies. How dare we add politically inspired domestic distractions to their pressure cooker?

++Our Representatives’ legislative malpractice.

Legal malpractice is the term for negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, or breach of contract by an attorney that causes harm to his or her client.  I would submit that the Obama/Reid/ Pelosi machine is engaging in legislative malpractice when it comes to our military!

Utilizing a favorite tactic from their ObamaCare playbook, the House passed unwanted legislation, against the consent of the governed, with only a few Americans fully realizing
its potential negative consequences. Further, as 1,167 Flag and General Officers wrote…

“We believe that imposing this burden on our men and women in uniform would undermine recruiting, retention, impact leadership at all levels, have adverse affects on the willingness of parents who loan their sons and daughters to military service, and
eventually break the All-Voluntary force.”

How much more negligent can these Representatives be than to risk the welfare of our armed forces by succumbing to political pressure from pro-homosexual activists?

++Admiral Mike Mullen’s unacceptable performance.

Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness (CMR), believes Admiral Mike Mullen (USN) should be held personally accountable for how he has mishandled the issue of the ban’s repeal.

“As the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, he does not have operational responsibilities,” she contends. “His sole role is to convey to the President the best professional advice of the heads of our four services.”

“He did not do that,” Donnelly argues. “Instead, he served as a conduit for the political views of the President. In other words, [he] conveyed views from the President on down rather [than] from the other service chiefs on up. That, I think, was a dereliction of his duty.”

The President, as Commander in Chief, isn’t acting in the best interest of our armed forces by pushing the pro-homosexual political agenda.  


Congress has acted abominably in acting before the study panel has a chance to reach an informed conclusion.  And Admiral Mullen is
not fulfilling his role as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

We cannot allow Obama, Reid and Pelosi to use the military as just another expression of pro-homosexual SOCIAL ENGINEERING! This may well be our last opportunity to stop the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

I need hundreds of Liberty Counsel friends to step forward to make our petitions to the Senate be an overwhelming success.  Will you stand with me once again in this special way? Go here to sign the petition to be delivered as part of
next week’s senatorial barrage:

We are at a crossroads regarding the U.S. military’s effectiveness in this time of war. To disrupt their mission with a major policy change on such a sensitive issue for political purposes would be absolutely wrong on every level.

I can only imagine the life and death stress our service men and women endure on a daily basis. How dare our disgracefully political President and Congress add this domestic threat to their already heavy burden? Thank you in advance for your support for those who serve us best!

God bless you,
Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. The horrendous social experiment of repealing “Don’t
Ask, Don’t Tell” now goes to the full Senate. Our men and women in uniform are counting on us to take the time to support them – as they do every day for us. Help us also
send a FLOOD of petitions starting next Monday. We have very little time! Please take action right now:
+ + Comments? Questions?

Liberty Counsel, with offices in Florida, Virginia and
Washington, D.C., is a nonprofit litigation, education and policy organization dedicated to advancing religious freedom, the sanctity of human life and the traditional family.
Liberty Counsel . PO Box 540774 . Orlando, FL 32854 .800-671-1776



FYI: Pics added by me, not Liberty Counsel.


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