Have you seen the above official logo for the 2012 London Olympics?  I had not… Until I was watching the DVD by Doc Marquis re “America’s Occult Holidays” (http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=1460 ) in which he also discussed the Olympics.  He said the Olympics have gotten increasingly weird since the 1996 100th anniversary of the modern Olympics.

Doc said this logo was THE MOST BIZARRE he had ever seen.

Me, too!

And you have to wonder about the bright pink!  (There’s an orange one at Google Images as well.)

At first I thought the right half of the logo was supposed to be a stick man with a computer monitor as his head, lol.

Obviously, it is supposed to be a 2 0 on the top row & a 1 2 on the bottom row, for 2012.

But as Doc asked, What is that little square in the middle?

Lol, yeah, what?  (I guess it is supposed to be the descending curve of the bottom 2.)

Is that its only purpose?

Hold on to your hat… If you take some scissors & cut/separate the numbers & reposition them, you now have… 

… da dummm <drum roll> …

Yup! you got it = Z – I – O – N  !!!

That little square in the center of the logo is the dot for the i !

Amazing!  I didn’t see it until Doc had cut the numbers out & laid them out on the table… I must be getting rusty. :)

Here’s a nice framed version I made on iphone for you to share with your conspiracy friends… :)

Doc says London being one of the major Illuminati strongholds (the first Rothschild central bank was established there), that that is why they chose London for the 2012 Olympics, not to mention their  subliminal logo to “mark their spot.”

If this one example isn’t enough to awaken your suspicions re what is going on in the world… What will?


Here’s a few mix & match colors with the intact logo & its deciphered counterpart all in one…






Here is another logo from Google Images, & I thought this one was very clever — in a “normal” sense & not in a conspiratorial sense.  Check it out… Very cool…


See it?  Very clever.

That’s all for this one!


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4 responses to “ZION OLYMPICS 2012

  1. TPR

    Since I switched this blog’s layout to 3-columns, I see it is now cutting off the right edge of the “rectangular” Zion Olympics logo photos. Bummer! :-/

    However, if you tap on any of the photos & tell your browser to open the photo in a page by itself, the full photo will display itself without being cut off on the right edge.

    The “techie” aspect of blogging is definitely not (speaking of London) my “cup of tea.” :)


  2. TPR

    “The ‘ZION’ logo was designed by none other than Wolff Olins – a high-ranking Jewish Freemason. 

    “The Zion 2012 logo represents the ‘New Jerusalem’ or ‘new Zion’ that is going to [be] constructed after the destruction of London. What possible reason is there to have the logo spell out ‘ZION’ unless it stands for the New World Order, i.e. one world government tyranny?”

    Quote Source:
    7/14/12:  More Disturbing Clues Signal Olympics False Flag:


  3. TPR

    Correction at the same above link from a new comment there:

    “A minor correction – Wolff Olins is a company, not a person (Wolff and Olins are two different people). …this is a truly “elite” design firm in terms of their connections (like Pentagram in the USA) and any “Illuminati” logos are likely not accidental”:


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