Church or Government Business?

Teens target parents who let minors drink…

August 12, 2010

DELTONA — For six months, a group of local teenagers has studied underage drinking. On Wednesday, they announced they have identified one of the problems — parents.

The Deltona group, Engaging Youth for Positive Change, plans to recommend the City Commission toughen its approach to “social hosting,” parents or adults offering alcohol to minors at parties in their homes.

State law makes social hosting — even if someone dies as a result of underage drinking — a second-degree misdemeanor, which carries a penalty of up to 60 days in jail.

That’s not enough, the teens said at a forum hosted by One Kingdom Fellowship.
…the teens will research before they make their final proposal to the City Commission sometime next month, said Michael Shannon, chief executive officer of R & R Ministries Inc., which worked with the teens.


OK, so good for the teens for…
–Having an interest in the problem of teen drinking
–For researching the subject
–For caring vs. being apathetic
–For bringing public awareness to the issue, etc etc.

But to push for more rules, laws, & policing of the pagan world, well, why not evangelize them instead?

And if the problem is Christian parents allowing the drinking, then that is a church discipline matter.

Bottom Line: More Laws are not needed, but rather more common sense & responsibility.

Young Christians taking the “we want more laws” route is a self- defeating strategy leading to more Big Brother Police State intervention. It is not the job of Christians to police unbelievers.

You know, like Timothy, who couldn’t stand all the problems with the youths, so he entreated the Roman Empire for more laws, right? (not.)


And since when do “ministries” have CEO’s? (Are you a business or a ministry?) :-/

The “Ministry-Business Model” (?):

Paul, Chief Executive Officer
Saul of Tarsus Ministries, Inc.
& Gentiles International, Inc.
Main Office: Rome: 555-5678

Executive Staff:
**Barnabas: Vice President of Operations
**Epaphroditus: Chief Financial Officer
**Silas: Government Prisons Committee
**Lydia: Women in Business Committee
**Euodius, Syntyche & Clement: Producers, “Women’s Issues” Daytime TV- Talk Program
**Corey Corinthian: Christianize The Culture Committee (aka “Dumb Down The Church with The World” Ministry)
**Gary Galatian: Salesman of the Year at the “Galatia Judaizers Gift Shop” which features Prayer Shawls, Star of David Pendants, Mosaic Law Scrolls, & More!
**Hymenaeus, Alexander, Philetus: Heretic Education & Awareness Committee
**Bar-Jesus: The Esoteric/Emergent Church Committee
**Timothy: Youth Political Action Committee
**Philemon: “Slave Wages No More” Revolution Committee

Syrian Division:
Antioch: 555-7890

Asia-Minor Division:
Ephesus: 555-2345
Colossae: 555-6789
Galatia: 555-1212

Macedonian Division:
Phillipi: 555-4567
Thessalonica Media Center:
Now Playing: “Left Behind or Not?”

For Israel Division:
Jerusalem: 444-1234



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