“Big brother needs to be watching,” said Mayor Glenn Ritchey.


(Unbelievable.  I wonder if he thought he was being cute/funny, or was he serious?  He’s probably part of the problem… a Freemason like 75% of the DBPD.  He’s also in the car dealership business.)


Daytona opts for red-light cameras

Thursday, October 07, 06:03 AM

Original Article


If you’re in the habit of running red lights, get ready to start paying fines or stopping if the light isn’t green or yellow.

(Read full article at above link.)


The City Commission voted 5-2 for 10 cameras to cost $46,000 per month in operating fees.  They say all they need are two fines per day (per camera) from nabbed drivers to “break even,” but they are hoping for six per day.  What a joke & a deceitful scam — all in the name of safety, of course! :-/

From this next quote, it’s apparent there was only one smart guy from the public who attended the meeting, the rest were blind sheep:

“Another local man said ‘It’s a scam by cities to get money off the citizens’ that will eventually be ruled unconstitu-tional.

“Most people at the meeting spoke in favor of the cameras.”


Tsk tsk.  Be careful what you ask for!


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