From 10/15/10 News Alert:

I. As the trapped Chilean miner incident unfolded, sacred occult numbers and a symbol of Antichrist became apparent.

I have no idea how this near-tragedy might work to advance the New World Order, but the numerics are so startling I feel the need to share it with you.


That is an amazing hoot (not the accident, but the numbers).  Get a load of this occult numeric lineup described repeatedly in various news reports:

13 – Mining accident occurred August 5th (8 + 5 = 13)

33 – Miners were trapped

33 – Days it took for rescuers just to build the rescue shaft

11 – degrees was the angle of the rescue shaft (11 + 11 + 11 = 33)

66 – On the 66th day the drill finally bore through to the rescue shaft (33 + 33 = 66)

13 – feet was the length of the rescue capsule

11- Date the rescues began, Oct. 11th

13 – Date the last miner was pulled to safety, Oct. 13th


And HOW were they pulled out?  In the 13-foot rescue capsule named Fenix aka PHOENIX!


“The (Fenix/Phoenix)  bird is considered a symbol of accomplishment of alchemical transmutation, a process equivalent to human regeneration… miners who were trapped … in the depths and darkness of the underground were lifted one by one … in a device called “Fenix” – a creature representative of occult initiation – to the light of day.   As they say “Ex tenebris lux”: From darkness to light.” –


You have to laugh.  Can they be any more obvious!?

Even billionaire Chilean President Pinera, below, was praising the “magic number 33,” per above CuttingEdge quoted news sources.


(After his election, Pinera was visited by the Chilean Masonic Grand Master & associates, for a little pow-wow):

(Wonder if that was anything like Ronald Reagan’s visit from the Big Wig Masons on the 11th of February, 1988?):


Some of the numerics listed above were also from this article:  “The Masonic Chilean Effect – British Israeli Style”:

As for the CuttingEdge comment that they have no idea how this accident could advance the NWO, my first thought was some new international “green” legislation to outlaw mining?  But this source has a quote from a citizen of Chile that gives a more likely reason (below screenshot):


And FWIW, they pulled out Saddam Hussein from his farmhouse cellar “hole” — as a big show-off to the world — on the 13th as well (12/13/03).


Interesting how Saddam’s hideout resembles a smaller version of the Chile mine photo at the top of this email.

Glad it all worked out well for the miners & their families.  

However, it was “From Darkness to Light to the Gallows” for Saddam.



For a detailed explanation of the meanings of the numbers & why the Luciferians ruling the world use them, see the CuttingEdge article at the top.



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