Obumma (As in, “Oh What a Bummer” – for Obama, That Is)


In the Texe Marrs email sent this morning, he says he covers in this week’s audio file, Is Obama near political death?

Funny, as yesterday there was a link in Henry Makow’s RSS Feed which merely said:  OBAMA IS LAZY.

Lol.  Of course I had to follow that link…

Turns out there was a small series of blog articles with a supposed White House “Insider” providing all sorts of juicy news of what is “really” going on behind those iron gates at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue…


The insider interviews cover everything from Obama walking out on meetings because he can’t stand sitting through them (needs to grow up), to his withdrawing into himself & taking meds for depression (he only comes “alive” with an audience or ESPN), to the fact he is paranoid & afraid the Banksters are now out to get him for all the regs he placed on them, to Michelle Obama having shout outs with Rahm Emanuel (supposedly the real reason he left), to Nancy Pelosi being told by the WH to lay low & keep her trap shut, etc., etc…


What a comedy.  (Or a tragedy, depending on your state of mind & in whom you put your trust! – Psalm 146:3-9) 

The articles are from Sept. & Oct. 2010.  Believe it or not, your choice.

And whether they are true or not, they are certainly “entertaining,” including some of the many comments.

Some commentors say they don’t believe any of it, others are still debating who’s worse (Bushes, Clintons, Obama, which is all a total waste of time)…


...some others say it’s political manipulation to make people “feel sorry” for Obama, & others are very upset with Obama & are glad to hear about it…

So here ya go…  




(One person left a brief comment re the above article, saying:  “Realizing you are Not the Messiah has to be a real let down.” – lol)

White House Insider: Michelle Obama Blowout?


Horrors!  No more Clintons!


Below are just two of the more accurate comments, imo, from one of the articles…

  1. mary

    On September 24, 2010 at 5:59 pm

    It amazes me that Americans STILL think there’s a battle between Dems and the GOP. The battle is between Americans and COMMUNIST/MARXIST/RADICALS, folks! Get a clue!

    I host an internet radio show and have devoted tons of my time to actually do research on Obama, the radicals surrounding him, the real cause of the economic crisis, the backgrounds on his “czars”, the psychiatric analysis of Obama’s “malignant narcissism”, his use of covert Ericksonian hypnosis methods and on and on.

    So, I’m not spewing regurgitated talking points here. The USA is hanging off of a cliff, folks. This 2010 election and the 2012 election will determine whether “we the people” lose our Republic and exist under a communistic dictatorship (as Cuba and Venezuela) or if we restore what’s left of our country to state in which the founders established it.

    If anyone does not have a clue by NOW, you never will! So, get out of the way and let the true Americans blaze a path back to freedom.

    Stop being “useful idiots” to this dictator-minded, delusional puppet in the WH and do your homework…research this stuff on your own and you will discover the truth!


  2. psutopgun

    On September 25, 2010 at 12:27 am

    Obama knows exactly what he is doing. Those that thing he is a novice just don’t get it. He is doing exactly what he said he was going to do. He is fundamentally changing America. So far he is doing just that and holding the public at bay thanks in no small part to the main stream media. If you look at what he has accomplished in the past 20months he is satisfied. He has passed a health care bill and financial reform bill. Either one could destroy the economy. The financial reform bill puts every financial transaction in the control of the white house. No one can get at this activity because they have put the main agency in the Federal Reserve. None of this is in control of voters or congress. These Marxists know exactly what they are doing.


  3. (…)


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One response to “Obumma (As in, “Oh What a Bummer” – for Obama, That Is)

  1. TPR

    Fantastic, a full email that posted correctly (minus excessive white space added by amplify from where it was autoposted).ALL POLITICAL ART included in above email is by DAVID DEES ILLUSTRATIONS, a political graphic artist. The guy is a genius at what he does!


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