11/5/10 Audio: Secrets (Volume 171) Texe Marrs


From: “Power of Prophecy” <powerofprophecy@midwesthosting.net>
Date: November 5, 2010 4:29:53 PM EDT
Subject: This Week on  our Streaming Audio – Secrets (Volume 171)

Dear Friends,

Each month, Texe uncovers hidden news and reveals things the controlled media dare not touch. With the abundance of information that Texe provides, this is the fastest hour in radio. This week’s program includes:

(1) Is today’s younger generation a “pleasure driven generation?”? Is there a remnant of young people who will bring the Lord’s Word to others?

(2) Are Home Churches the answer to promoting the true Word of God?; 

(3) Rabbi Ovadia Yosef claims gentiles are here to serve the Jews. Is slavery in your future?;

(4) Glenn Beck, during a recent interview on The O’Reilly Factor, says gay marriage is not a threat to America;

(5) Madeleine Albright has written a book, Read My Pins, explaining the meaning behind her pins. This is old news as Texe Marrs exposed her “Hillary Pin” in Codex Magica;


(6) What does the co-Chairman of President Obama’s Debt Panel have to say about America’s entitlement programs, Social Security and Medicare?; 

(7) Has Obama continued George W. Bush’s program of assassinating American citizens?

All this and much more. Don’t miss this week’s informative program, Secrets (Volume 171).

Click this link or copy and paste it in the address line of your internet browser: www.texemarrs.com

Then, scroll down until you see, Secrets (Volume 171), and click the link.

All God’s Best,

Jerry Barrett




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