Obama Tells Jews, “No More!” (?) by Texe Marrs

Last week Texe Marrs had Henry Makow on his program to discuss Henry’s latest book, “Illuminati 2: Deceit & Seduction”:


Before tuning in, I noticed this article at Texe’ site re Obama:

Obama Tells Jews, “No More!”:

Well, with a title like that, I had to read it first, lol.  Texe wrote that he got the info from his “sources”… whoever they are.  But supposedly Obama all the sudden became fed up being told what to do, so he grew a spine & told them to buzz off, booting out Emanuel & Axelrod from the White House, etc.

The article also speculated whether Obama will now be assassinated like JFK.

Also supposedly Obama & Michelle went to a “real” Christian Church; & that Obama really cares what the American people think, hence him telling his Jewish handlers to buzz off, etc.

(If Obama all the sudden really cares what Americans think, after seeing his ratings plummet, it is probably due to his recovery from “narcissistic injury,” after which a narcissist will rebound & try to become your best friend again.)

Anyway, I wasn’t buying it.  Chalk it up to “Too Good To Be True.”

So then I listened to the Texe & Henry interview & the above article came up in their discussion.  I was wishing Henry would ask Texe, “Where did you get such info?”  But he didn’t.  Henry did say he did not believe it, though.  Then Henry mentioned those other fairly recent “Washington Insider” articles re Obama which basically describe Obama as an incompetent immature big baby in real life, etc.:


Texe replied, “Well I don’t know… We’ll see…”

So much for that!  Lol.  Below is just a portion of the much longer Texe article…




Just Saying No to Homosexual Perverts and Illegal Aliens

Obama fired his White House budget director, the Jew Peter Orszag. He phoned Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and told them he wasn’t going to support the “Dream Act” legislation, the Jews’ plan to give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

He next appointed a new Commandant for the Marine Corps, a General who opposed the homosexual agenda and is against ending the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy of Bush and Clinton.

Then Obama did another bold thing: He ordered his Attorney-General, Eric Holder, the sole black in the Administration with any real authority, to go to the federal appeals court and try to void a lower court’s nullification of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. Obama is now making war on the satanic Jews who are the movers and shakers behind the perverted homosexual freaks! What a turnabout.

Keeping Campaign Promises—Tax Breaks for Middle Class

And there’s more. His Jewish handlers had instructed Obama to throw out his campaign promise to give the middle class tax breaks. “Do not extend Bush’s tax breaks for the middle class,” they had commanded.

In defiance, in mid-September Obama fired Larry Summers, his Jewish Chairman of the White House’s Council of Economic Advisors and replaced him with an old friend, Austan Goolsbee, Obama then announced he would move to extend the Bush tax cuts for the middle class. The Jewish elite are furious.

Taking on the Jewish-Owned Healthcare Insurers

Another Jewish plan was to have “ObamaCare” passed and then, once the government, under the new law, required all employers and workers to have healthcare insurance, the healthcare insurance corporations—whose stock is owned by wealthy Jewish investors—would jack the price of insurance up to astronomical levels. Indeed, the companies did exactly that. Even before the law goes into effect in 2011, prices for healthcare insurance went up a staggering 27% nationwide—in just three months. The Jews were gleeful and deliriously happy, counting their profits.

But—watch out! Obama got his Secretary of Health and Human Services to write a letter to all the insurance companies threatening them with White House action (IRS audits, Justice Department investigation?) if they so arrogantly continued to shaft American workers by unjustifiably raising prices.

Reportedly, Obama intends to go after Big Pharma, too. He, Attorney-General Holder, and Obama’s FDA are already telling the pharmaceutical giants that their price increases for prescription drugs are outrageous and won’t be tolerated. The corporations are also being warned to stop peddling defective drugs that are killing people.

The Jews, once again, went nuts and Obama’s phone was almost melted with blistering threats from his former “friends.”


Full article here:


As for the Texe & Henry interview, it has already been put on CD/Tape for sale (the programs are only on the site for free for one week):




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