FDA: Proposed Cigarette Product Graphic Warning Labels

Above is one of the many FDA’s new proposed cig labels. It’s a 6-
sided coffin, not a casket (I never knew there was a difference) &
it’s called a “Toe Pincher” or “Shaper” … (If you have a pear-shaped
body, you may have to go into it upside down, thereby making it a
“Head Pincher,” lol)…

Above from: The Friendly Funeralista:

Vintage Coffins Toe-Pincher Index:
Toe-Pincher Coffins got their name from the narrow, tapering foot of
the coffin. Old-timers also called them Heel-Squeezers. Some people
call them Dracula coffins.
“Don’t Be Caught Dead Without One!”

This next guy will build you any type of burial contraption you want.
He made one shaped like a beer bottle for somebody who requested it,
lol, & a Martini urn for someone else. Maybe he should design & build
a cigarette coffin for the FDA!

Lol, learn something new every day!


Original FDA page: Go have a look at the many, very graphic labels/
options they are considering… Definitely “shock value”… The coffin
is mild compared to some of the others… Public input is requested…

FDA: Proposed Cigarette Product Warning Labels:

If the FDA truly hates cigs so much, why haven’t they tried to outlaw
cigs altogether? (Not that I think they should play Nanny State, but
you have to wonder why they haven’t tried to shut down cig
production?) Instead they play hypocrite because they love the taxes
from cigs… Sort of like the Catholic Church condemning birth control
but owning stock in The Pill…

And I wonder what the Big Tobacco companies are thinking about these
graphic labels, lol. I would imagine they are having a fit. Too funny.



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