We Won’t Fly, National Opt Out Day, Nov 24

Good thread from earlier today at the “Above Top Secret” Forum re the
above We Won’t Fly Opt Out Day, only 2-pages so far, re legal ways
individuals can opt out, boycott/protest the naked body scanners &
sexual pat downs:

“We Won’t Fly, National Opt Out Day, Nov 24”:


Official site:

“Opt Out of the Airport Scanners for Health and Privacy” – We Won’t
Fly .com:


Another site with info on the intensity of the scanners’ radiation &
cancerous effects from it:

“TSA: Show Us Your Body Or We’ll Feel You Up –The truth behind the
airport full-body scanners”:

And I just saw a tweet that the scanners have Windows OS, USB, etc.
supposedly so the images can be shared(?)


In the ATS thread, some whined re airport/airline jobs being lost if
people boycott flying due to the scanners/pat downs. (I don’t know
who these “jobs mean everything” people are, but they always show up
in every controversial issue. All I can guess is they are faithless

I say baloney re “saving the jobs.” If the person or company you work
for has allowed itself to become part of the problem, then by
continuing to work for them, you are also the problem. So get a
different job. (If you’re a Christian, the Lord will help you find

What is more important? Personal integrity or a lousy job? A chronic
sacrificing of personal integrity either turns people into soul-less
zombies, or if your conscience stays intact, it will make you very
miserable until you pay attention to it & quit the job.

Today’s scripture text message perfectly applies…


Another person wisely commented in the same ATS thread:
…if people continue to fly commercial, a lot more will be lost than
just the jobs of airline/airport workers…

…i posted the following analogy yesterday on a similar thread… it
would be insane to continue to be a patron of a cafe that serves lousy
food and encourages employees to be as obnoxious as they please… the
intelligent way to combat that type of establishment is to stop
spending your money there…

…heres another one… if a nationwide grocery chain was selling food
contaminated with pesticides that had been proven to cause cancer, it
would be insane to continue spending your money there – and – your
health and the health of your loved ones would take precedence over
whether or not employees of that grocery lost their jobs…

…heres one more… unless you’re into agressive sexual advances from
strangers, its insane to continue to be a patron of an establishment
that allows its employees to touch your body where ever they want to…

…too many want to pretend they have no choice but to fly commercial
and tolerate nazi tactics and thats just pure dee bs… they make that
choice and have been making it for 9yrs…

…in the interim, our youngsters are being programmed to accept this
bizarre reality that says “do not think – you have no rights – you
have no choices – do as you’re told, you stupid cow”…

…i hope the “no fly day” protest encourages people to stop flying
commerical until these nazi tactics cease to exist… to those who
refuse to stop flying commercial, dont whine about how unfair tsa’s
tactics are – you are part of the problem…

More websites & images:


Tee-shirts are available with the official TSA Groping Guidelines,
lol, people think of everything, don’t they? Well, it would be one
way to educate the bank teller or check-out girl at your local gas

I saw an official TSA training video the other day at youtube showing
how they are to implement the above instructions, so it’s all true.

What I didn’t realize is that you can legally opt out of the naked
body scanners, but then you are “required” to have the pat down,
though you can ask them to do it in a private room.

Also, the word is, if you declare your right to opt out, they likely
will holler & scream out loud about it in an attempt to humiliate,
intimidate, & manipulate you to cave in & just go through the
scanner. So buck it up in advance & be prepared for that.


Funny play on words here… but Whew! The war is heating up… The
idea is to get everybody to declare their scanner opt out right which
will then require time-consuming pat downs, thereby bogging down the
entire TSA operation — & maybe the airlines, too…

A battle of the wills has begun…

“I Made the TSA Feel My Resistance”: Getting Body Scanners Out of
Airports, One Time-Consuming-Groping-at-a-Time:


“Shock value” to wake people up???

TSAfs new book for kids: gMy First Cavity Searchh


I like this “Travel with Dignity” slogan…


Thankfully, I’ve never had to fly much… Only 4 times, 1977, 1990,
1998, 2002…
–Between excruciating ear-popping pain (1977 over the Rockies),
–to terrifying turbulence (1990 small plane to the Keys),
–to SLAM! BAM! as plane crashes on Atlanta runway, then SCREeeeching
tires until it felt like the plane hit a brick wall in order to stop
itself (1977),
–to drying, suffocating non-air & confinement in those miserable
seats for 12-hours straight (time zone changes, 1998 to California),
–to the hassles of parking, luggage, & the natural chaos of airports
in general,
–I say, NO THANK YOU. Commercial Flying is definitely NOT glamorous
in any way, shape, or form.

Give me THE HIGHWAY (vs. The Skyway) any day… Travel at your own
pace, take the scenic routes, stretch, sleep, eat where, when, &
whatever you want… but then we were raised that way with numerous
long & short camping road trips all over the place as kids, so it’s in
my blood…

This photo reminds me of North Georgia or Tennessee…

No original photos so imagine the 1950’s & 1960’s, something like
this… Red/white station wagon & a red/white travel trailer, plus
tents & camping gear (all 8 kids didn’t fit in the trailer, lol, so
some slept in the car or tent)…

One station wagon we had was pretty much just like that one above…

I don’t remember if the trailer had 2 or 4 tires, but I do remember
the heart-stopping POW! when riding in the trailer & a tire would blow
out from the road heat… :)

Ours did have this same type of wood interior, but there was a bunk
compartment at the top/front…

Those last 2 pics are from this site: 2010 article of a Canadian
family who bought a 1962 Shasta travel trailer from a guy in Vermont
for $2,000 & refurbished it for $6,000… They added the 1950’s black/
white “Winn-Dixie” floor tiles:


All the sudden I have a craving for salty boiled peanuts (the folks
would cook up a huge pot of them on the trailer stove)…

… And I feel a bad case of cabin fever coming on & want to hit the
road again…

YouTube: Willie Nelson “On The Road Again.” :)




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2 responses to “We Won’t Fly, National Opt Out Day, Nov 24

  1. Rwolf

    The Nazis used national emergency as a premise to repeatedly target and detain, search and question Germans boarding or taking trains considered political dissidents or morally unworthy; targeted Citizens were intentionally delayed by police/military so they would be late or miss work. Of course many lost there jobs and could not survive.Does the lawsuit by The Transportation Security Administration against John Tyne for refusing the X-ray body scan mean; that we don’t dare buy a plane ticket unless we are prepared to submit to a body scan or be sued for $11,000? Pretty soon most persons showing up to fly will be those that will submit to X-ray scans, erroneously giving the impression the public has accepted being repeatedly radiated/scanned before flying. I would not want to own airline stock. If not stopped, Airports are just the beginning of Citizens being X-rayed / Stripped Naked by Government, having their Private Body Parts Touched, Squeezed and Patted-Down by Government Employees. It is problematic Americans (next) will be X-Ray Scanned and Physically Molested boarding trains, cruse ships, buses; when entering sports events and office buildings. Continued Low Radiation Exposure is Accumulative and believed to cause Cancer. Americans should boycott airlines; that would get TSA’s attention and stockholders of airlines. Meanwhile Not just pilots and flight attendants, “ordinary air passengers” should also be afforded privacy, when felt up, searched at public airports.Talk about government in your face. Recently the Obama government purchased hundreds’ of X-Ray Vans that will travel our streets without warrants, x-raying Americans, seeing Citizens naked when walking, standing, riding their bike. Government/police will use the x-ray vans to peer though Citizens’ homes and vehicles, exposing Americans and their families to radiation. X-ray vans are an affront to privacy, allowing government to view Citizens in their bedrooms. Americans need to ask Obama if independent studies were conducted to determine if Citizens could develop Cancer, if (repeatedly exposed) to police X-rays. It is easy to imagine government/police with or without a warrant every night X-raying a person of interest in his or her home. It is foreseeable some Citizens might install similar to smoke detectors, sensors that will set off an alarm, if their home or vehicle is being bombarded with X-rays.Obama’s X-Ray Vans can ALSO be used by the military or police to secure perimeters to control civil unrest and instances of revolt, to screen and stop Citizens carrying guns, cameras; any item. Does Obama expect Americans to revolt?


  2. TPR

    Thank you, Rwolf, for adding important information to this subject.I never got an email from posterous that you had commented here, or I would have said Thank you sooner.Abd, oh yes, per your last question, they not only expect revolt but are promoting/provoking it. That will give them the excuse to “start shooting.”


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