The Cody Alicea Flag Affair: “Ingenious Idea Of The Month Award” Goes To…


(Sweet photo of Cody Alicea with American Flag on his bike – from FOX News)

This Denair School Superintendent’s change of heart wins “The Most Ingenious Idea of The Month” Award:


Parraz says they have decided to focus on those students who are causing the problem, not the flag.


Wow, absolutely BRILLIANT, eh? 

Why didn’t the School think of that FIRST?  :-/  Nothing like finally stating the obvious.

So what changed his mind?


“One day [school officials] didn’t want to speak to us and the next day they couldn’t talk fast enough to apologize. They thought we were going to sue them. I believe this letter from Liberty
Counsel made a giant difference. The school staff is very sorry now.” 

— (Quote by Cody’s Dad)


Further below is the 11/19/10 email from Liberty Counsel re their intervention in the Cody Alicea “Flag Affair” last week/week before. I’m guessing they waited to send their email update until after the Denair School Board held its regular meeting on 11/18/10 at which time the Board planned to discuss the Cody flag affair, per one of the FOX News articles I read.

Liberty Counsel says they sent this “Cease & Desist” Demand Letter that was likely the cause of the school changing its tune.  The letter was faxed to School Officials on Friday 11/12/10:


Read the full Attirney’s letter here:

Interestingly, FOX took credit for changing the School’s mind by claiming in one of THEIR articles that the School did its about-face after *FOX* contacted them, lol:,0,3045879.htmlstory

Here is another FOX article that says the School changed its mind, also dated Friday 11/12/10 at 11:08am PST which would be 8:08am EST where Liberty Counsel is.  So who really shook up the school first?  FOX media or a legal Demand letter with threat of lawsuit?  Ha!  (Maybe a little of both!) 


(Legal “Cease & Desist” & Demand Letters tickle me because my former boss used to write them all the time, regarding anything & everything, whether in his personal or business life.  I used to write my own, whenever I needed one, using his letterheard &  legal beagle mumbo jumbo terminology, & then would get him to sign them, lol, one of the fringe bennies of working in a law office.  I miss that part of the job.  You definitely get a better response if your correspondence is on attorney letterhead.)

Here is the Denair School’s public statement also dated Friday 11/12/10, which was linked to from the FOX article:


Read the full School statement here:

Next is one of the comments from the FOX articles… Agree 100%…


There were several pansies who commented at the FOX site who said FOX was irresponsible for blowing the story out of proportion.

Maybe, but if nobody had turned the spotlight on to the School, the poor kid, Cody, would probably STILL have to keep his flag in his backpack through the present while the troublemakers went along their merry way.

I’m glad it worked out, & hope it proves to be a lesson to other School Officials who don’t use their brains first.




From: “Liberty Counsel” <>
Date: November 19, 2010 7:10:10 AM EST
Subject: Thirteen-year-old boy’s flag flying again!

From the Desk of:
Mat Staver, Founder
Liberty Counsel

Why in the world would school officials in a California town tell a 13-year-old boy that he cannot decorate his bicycle with an American flag?  See below — Mat.


Perhaps you heard about a 13-year-old boy named Cody, his bicycle, and his banned American flag. The story has been covered by many media outlets, including Fox News.

Well, I want to tell you the rest of the story…

For the past several months, Cody Alicea regularly rode his bike to school decorated with an American flag. He did it because he loves his country and to honor veterans like
his grandfather.

Just last week while at Denair Middle School in Denair, California, Cody was confronted by a school administrator.  The official told Cody he could no longer display his
American flag on his bike while his bike was on school property.

Cody was told that others had complained about the American flag and were offended by its presence. The school Superintendent went so far as to say that displaying the U.S. flag could promote racial tensions on campus!

Under protest, Cody began removing the flag and storing it in his backpack during school hours.

Sadly, stories like this usually end here, with students like Cody intimidated into silence and denied their rights by school officials who are either misinformed or intentionally bullying our children.

But not this time…

Because, friends like you made it possible for Liberty Counsel to intervene and defend Cody’s rights!

In fact, within a few hours of the first attack on Cody’s rights, our Liberty Counsel team was already taking action.

Our staff issued a strongly-worded “Demand Letter” to the Denair Unified School District challenging their
“Unconstitutional Censorship of Student Expression.”

We demanded that the Superintendent reverse the decision
to ban Cody from displaying his American flag while riding his bicycle on school property and reminded the school that the Supreme Court has clearly affirmed that students do not
“shed their Constitutional rights of freedom of speech or expression at the school house gate.”

Liberty Counsel also offered to defend Cody’s rights at no charge and take the school district to court if necessary.

Suddenly, the school changed its tune! They dropped their ban on the American flag – and Cody’s dad credits Liberty Counsel for causing the change:

“One day [school officials] didn’t want to speak to us and the next day they couldn’t talk fast enough to apologize. They thought we were going to sue them. I believe this letter from Liberty
Counsel made a giant difference. The school staff is very sorry now.”

The next day, the news was filled with reports of a spontaneous,
patriotic celebration outside the school! A caravan of flag-flying motorcyclists accompanied Cody to school, where he was greeted by flag-waving classmates who joined
together to say the Pledge of Allegiance.

Go here to see Cody with his flag as well as news reports on this incredible story and Liberty Counsel’s “Demand Letter” which stopped the attack on Cody’s rights:

++We must stand in the gap for kids like Cody.

Cody’s story makes me more determined than ever to make sure our litigation team is ready and equipped to fight on behalf of students like this courageous young man. But quite frankly, we are totally dependent on your financial support to stand in the gap for dozens of Codys across this nation right now.

And with the Christmas season nearly upon us, I must have our team ready to defend students’ rights to mention the “Christ” of Christmas!  And I’m sure you are well aware of our lawsuit to stop the implementation of the unconstitutional ObamaCare law.

Will you prayerfully consider making
 a tax-deductible gift to Liberty Counsel so we can stand in the gap for the many other “Codys” who are being denied their rights by secularist
bullies? Go here:

++My gift to you: Cody’s Flag!

Well, it won’t be Cody’s actual flag – he needs his own flag to continue proudly flying it on the back of his
bicycle!  But if you can help with a tax-deductible gift of ANY AMOUNT right now, I will send you a replica of
the flag Cody is once again taking to school.

It’s not a fancy flag, but it’s a symbol of the brave patriotism of a young boy who wanted to honor his
grandfather.  And I hope you will see it as a reminder of the battle you and I fight every day against those who want to strip us of our liberties.

Go here to request your replica of Cody’s Flag:

The news reports may never mention Liberty Counsel, and they certainly will not credit friends like you who make it possible for us to stand in the gap for Cody and so many others.  But recognition is not why you and I take stands like this, is it?

THANK YOU so much for your faithful partnership with Liberty Counsel, and for your continued help at this time.
May God bless you richly!

Mathew Staver, Founder/Chairman
Liberty Counsel

+   +   +   +   +   +   +

+ + Comments? Questions?

Liberty Counsel, with offices in Florida, Virginia and
Washington, D.C., is a nonprofit litigation, education and
policy organization dedicated to advancing religious freedom,
the sanctity of human life and the traditional family.  
Liberty Counsel . PO Box 540774 . Orlando, FL 32854 .800-671-1776



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