For All The Nuts Who Clamored for ObamaCare: Welcome More IRS Redtape Into Your Lives!

“New Rules: You & The IRS This January”:
For example, if a freelancer buys more than $600 dollars worth of
office supplies over the course of a year from Staples, the individual
will be required to 1099 Staples and to collect their Tax ID Number.

Additionally, small businesses and self-employed individuals will
receive a 1099 form from each business that they sold over $600 worth
of goods or services and will have to supply their Tax ID or Social
Security Number to the purchaser.

Doug Shulman, IRS Commissioner, said that credit card and debit card
purchases will be exempt from reporting with the 1099 forms because
payment processors will already be reporting the transactions to the
IRS. Under the guise of eliminating the burden of paperwork for small
businesses and independents, this is really a step toward a cashless
economy because people will want to avoid the extra paperwork and will
embrace electronic transactions.

PayPal stands to benefit tremendously from a cashless economy and
increased use.

Read more regarding the redtape-strangling IRS laws & plans that came
disguised in ObamaCare & one of Bush’s laws, & which become effective
in 2011 & 2012:

Above article linked to from:

“Hillary’s Promise: A Fascist Economy”:
“She [Hillary Clinton] said something about IRS laws that come into
operation in 2012 and a lot of new forms that have to be completed and
that this was designed to destroy what was left of American business…”


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