This has more to do with the privatization of the prison system in Florida and the Geo Group, a subsidiary of Blackwater (now known as Xe). Geo Group is a top contributor to the Florida Republican party and some of the recently elected Republicans (from November 2010) are the likely subjects of an investigation of the FBI and FDLE in the improper use of credit cards issued by the Republican party, as well as tax evasion and improper budgetary appropriations. The Geo Group is running a private prison in the panhandle and has Marco Rubio to thank for getting a foot in the door. They heavily contributed to his campaign in 2010. BTW, your tax dollars, the dollars (Florida Governor) Scott won’t use for the unemployed, will be used to fund these private prisons. Geo Group consistently reports income over one billion dollars, so the private prison industry is lucrative. I daresay they will not be doing it for less than what is currently being spent.”


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