When Hitler was in prison in Landsberg, Bavaria in 1924 after his failed takeover of the Bavarian government, Haushofer visited him regularly and taught him deeper insight into black magic. He also introduced Hitler to the subject of Geopolitics, which in reality is not a scientific subject, but rather an occult concept. The heart of Geopolitics is that the state is an actual organism with a natural right to grow (Lebensraum=living space). This reduces an individual person to a part of the state, and makes them to lose their individual rights and freedom. Instead of the state existing to support the rights and freedom of individuals, individuals live to support the state. This is a Kabbalistic concept and the foundation for all totalitarian regimes. Again we can see that the policies of the Third Reich (Nazi Germany) were not original thoughts from Hitler, but rather a compilation of concepts he was taught by the different occult instructors which he had. The concept of “Lebensraum” which is found in Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf” (my struggle) was a concept he had learned from Haushofer.





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