QUOTE: “THE LOCAL NEWS” – Now Playing on a TV Near You



…The “local” news is a merciless assault of grim negativity that sets one up for the national/world news which is the drum beat of unfathomable insanity that is the knock out punch.

The NWO government has set the individual citizen up for endless defeats (taxes, war, nag laws, police threats) and perpetual hopelessness to bring the person down to submission. The cadence of a steady stream of negative vibes from the “news” is nothing more than hi-tech black magic brought to us by the CIA which is embedded in every state, coast to coast. This hi-tech black magic is a tactic right out of the Protocols of Zion, and the main trick the Cabalists/Zionist use to blind and bind the masses.


End Quote.

Great description!

That was from a reader comment by “Mark” under this article:

“Surviving the New World Odor”:



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