“EARTH DAY” HOAX: Don’t Be a Sucker

Ha!  The title of Henry Makow’s article cracks me up, read it here:

“Kill-Yourself-For-The-Earth Day”:

The reason it is so funny is because people don’t realize that is exactly what the globalists would love for you to do!  Kill yourself = One less “carbon footprint” using up &/or “polluting” the earth’s resources.

Their evil agenda is to make everyone “feel guilty” for just being alive.  Don’t buy into it!  Don’t participate!  Become an “Equal Opportunity Annoyer” & educate your circle of friends.

Don’t skip the great Reader Comments at Henry’s above page. They see the hoax for what it is.  The below is one good example, explaining the reality vs. the propaganda.   

Posted by Matt:


These people could not care less that the environmental movement is a multi-billion dollar industry, financed by transnational corporations and the tax-exempt foundations (.ie Carnegie Endowment, Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Bros. Fund, etc.) 

Most of them couldn’t care less about the underlying agenda — which has nothing to do with the environment, and everything to do with world government, eugenics and population reduction — because many of these people have been brainwashed by the elite-funded religion of Gaia worship to see themselves as parasitic to “Mother Earth.” Many of them believe we need a socialistic world government to save us from what they see as impending ecological doom. 

That’s what this new religion is all about, and it’s being pushed hard-sell from the top via the Theosophists at the UN. It’s the new religion for the coming Age of Aquarius, and the aim of that religion is to instill the myth that mankind is some kind of parasite and that earth is to be worshiped above all else. So in fact this is a very old religion which derives from Pantheism. Its aim is to justify mass-population reduction in the collective consciousness, which will be sold to the public in the name of “saving the earth.”

I made two videos exposing the environ-mental ruse, both of which can be viewed on YouTube…

Environ-Mentalism: A New Religion for a New Age:

Environ-Mentalism II: Means to an End


What he says is so true.  The Apostle Paul described the pantheistic “Mother Gaia” mentality 2,000 years ago when he said in Romans chapter 1 that such people “worship the creation rather than the One who created it.”

No good result can come for those who refuse to understand the difference.

Do your homework.  Don’t be a pawn in their game.  They are NOT on your side, but Jesus is.  But he’s a gentleman:  He won’t impose himself on you; he waits for you to open the door & invite him in.