Pornography + Homosexuality = Illuminati Agenda Against Heterosexuality

Here’s three more great articles along the same subject, found in my Drafts folder saved from last year.

When people come to realize these things are flooded into the mainstream ON PURPOSE for the express goal of destroying the mind body & soul of mankind (women, too!), it should help people to resist succumbing to the satanic degradation. Instead of caving in, get mad (righteous indignation at being deceived) & educate yourself!


“Gay Activism Part of Illuminati Conspiracy”:

“The Hidden Agenda Behind Pornography”:

“Weaponized Porn”:



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One response to “Pornography + Homosexuality = Illuminati Agenda Against Heterosexuality

  1. The Illuminati wishes to harness sex in the interests of hate. Love is the enemy of hate and must be destroyed.


    According to our definition of homosexuality, (i.e. promiscuity outside of love and/or procreation), all pornography is gay.


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