WordPress Import from Posterous Successful?

My TPR posterous blog showed I had 274 posts but WordPress only imported 232 posts.

So what happened to the other 42? :-/

Today I imported to WordPress my half-baked 2009 TPR-Blogger blog & my two-year’s Posterous blog 2009-2011 (& importing worked fine from iphone. Shocker!) After hours of cleaning up posts & duplicates, I’m still only on Page 4 of 17. Whew! This is going to take a while.

Now if I could only import Amplify 2010-2011 & TPR-Yahoogroups 2001-2011, I would have everything in ONE place! I’ve experimented with &/or used Blogger, Posterous, Tumblr, Grouply, Amplify, WordPress.

WP wins & is going to be Home Base until I can switch to private hosting.

All the other blogs I am going to close or delete (but I will keep TPR-Yahoogroups since it is a great backup & works better for email-blogging than all the others combined).


From: “donotreply>
Date: June 20, 2011 6:28:07 AM EDT
Subject: [WordPress.com] Import successful

Your Posterous import was successful.


Happy Blogging!


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