Kenneth Copeland’s 32 Gas Wells: 2010 Market Values

32-page PDF, one page for each Copeland-owned gas well & their 2010 Market Values:

Nice chunk of change!

The above was linked from this KCM expose’ blog set up in 2008 by a former minister & partner of Kenneth Copeland Ministries:

“Why is Kenneth Copeland Desperate for Donor Cash?” —

A later Addendum #2 at the bottom of the above page tells how 20 long time KCM employees were fired in 2010, then KCM turned around & rehired lower wage newbies to fill the positions.

The outcasts were offered four months severance pay but lost their retirement benefits. They also had to sign a non-disclosure agreement promising not to discuss anything or they would be sued & would have to return the severance pay.

Nothing like true “loyalty” in the world of business (I mean “ministry”)!


Try crossing your hands/fingers the way KC has his in that above photo. Not exactly comfortable…



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