Israel Created iPhone’s Memory System

Fri. 7/15/11 @8-8:30pm EDT:

Great… I just heard on Hal Lindsey’s TV news program (on TBN) during his “Who Needs Israel?” segment that the Memory System the iPhone, iPod, iPad operates on was invented by Israel.

Lindsey was quoting from a Wall Street Journal editorial re The Economic Case for Supporting Israel:

The Hal Lindsey Report – The Hal Lindsey Report: 7-15-2011:
There is a growing misapprehension within our government and among our nation’s elite that the United States’ relationship with Israel is an unwarranted burden that we could do without. The Wall Street Journal recently published an editorial by George Gilder under the title, “The Economic Case for Supporting Israel.” On this week’s program, I’m going to share a bit of his information with you. Some of it may surprise you. (…)


As long as they didn’t build a “Mossad leak” in the iPhone “memory system”…

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