Most of us have probably heard of the major religions in the world today. There is Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and many others. Yet, what may be the strangest religion in this modern era is what you might call the Cult of Apple. In a BBC documentary entitled “Secrets of the Superbrands,” reporters had the editor of an Apple publication undergo an MRI. The reporters discovered that when the man was looking at Apple products the areas in his brain that became active were usually the same areas of the human brain which were active during religious devotion. The documentary also noted that the opening of an Apple store in London was “more like an evangelical prayer meeting than a chance to buy a phone or laptop” with Apple fanatics “jumping up and down, clapping and shouting.” (7)

Although many people would find the notion that Apple is a religion to be a bit far-fetched, the devotion some give to Apple products is nothing short of shocking. A news story that began circulating in early June tells of how a 17 year-old boy in China was so desperate to obtain an iPad 2 (Apple’s new tablet computer) that he sold one of his kidneys on the black market in order to acquire the funds to do so. “I wanted to buy an iPad 2, but I didn’t have the money. When I surfed the Internet I found an advert posted online by an agent saying they were able to buy a kidney,” the boy said. (8)

There is nothing wrong with using Apple products if it is done with the right mindset. I own a few of Apple’s devices myself. However, it is important that we do not allow fanaticism to overtake our hearts, whether it be for electronics, movies, television, sports teams, or anything else. As Christians we need to be devoted to God, not to our iPads, iPods, or laptop computers.

Last Trumpet Newsletter – July 2011:

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