News of the World phone-hacking whistleblower found dead:
Death of Sean Hoare – who was first named journalist to allege Andy Coulson knew of hacking… (…)
Hoare returned to the spotlight LAST WEEK, after he told the New York Times that reporters at the News of the World were able to use police technology to locate people using their mobile phone signals, in exchange for payments to police officers. He said journalists were able to use “pinging”, which measured the distance between a mobile handset and a number of phone masts to pinpoint its location. (…)
In September last year he was interviewed under caution by police over his claim the former Tory communications chief asked him to hack into phones when editor of the paper… (…)
…he said, “There’s more to come. This is not going to go away.” (…)

How sad for that fellow, Sean Hoare. It takes guts to be a whistleblower! Looks like somebody made HIM “go away.” :(

See also an analysis of the entire fiasco:

7/19/11: “Masonic Blackmail Behind Murdoch Scandal?”:



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