A few months ago I ran across & saved the below comment re new spying technology, “tiny winged things” that will “hover for hours” at five-feet above ground > > the perfect height to match your windows! It reminded me of Alice Kravitz always peeping in windows, lol, so I hunted for some pics of old Alice to help us out here.

Now’s the perfect time to send this along with the other more recent news re “Did King Solomon Predict “Dragonfly Drones” & “Cyborg Moths”?”

Quote (caps added by me):

1 day ago

“If I said ’50’, would you take the over or under on the total number of funded federal intelligence agencies? (The CIA being one.) I’d take the ‘over.’ In a heartbeat.

“I’ve worked on some interesting -unclassified- government projects, supposedly for ROTARY WING UAV video surveillance. TINY LITTLE remote piloted platforms that HOVER FOR HOURS.

“I assumed, for places like Afghanistan and Iraq.

“And yet, every single functional example I saw was for a DOMESTIC US CITY.

“Oddly, the effort was in getting these things to function DOWN TO 5 FEET ALTITUDE. Not just eye in the sky, but … EYE IN YOUR WINDOW.

“If you have any illusions about what paternalistic megalomania regularly justifies, you are only fooling yourself.”


End Quote & amen to his last sentence.

Above Reader Comment from:

“There’s a Secret Patriot Act, Senator Says” – Danger Room, Wired.com:http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2011/05/secret-patriot-act/

LOL @ Alice Kravitz, but not so funny regarding “tiny little remote-controlled platforms” that “hover for hours” down to “five-feet altitude” for “domestic” spying purposes!

The magnitude & scope of “evil inventions” that have been & are being created below the radar (behind the scenes) would probably boggle our minds if we knew the full extent.



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One response to “A SPYING “EYE IN YOUR WINDOW”

  1. TPR

    Check out the latest super creepy tiny drone devices, quite a few photos & an Air Force video. They have a spying pigeon that perches on telephone wires “better to see you with”:

    2/19/13:  “U.S. Air Force developing terrifying swarms of tiny unmanned drones that can hover, crawl and even kill targets”:



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