Did King Solomon Predict “Dragonfly Drones” & “Cyborg Moths”?

After reading the below News report, this scripture immediately came to mind:

“Even in your bedroom do not call down evil upon THE KING himself, and in the interior rooms where you lie down do not call down evil upon anyone RICH; for a FLYING CREATURE of the heavens will convey the sound and SOMETHING OWNING WINGS WILL TELL THE MATTER.” – (Ecclesiastes 10:20)


From the August 8-14, 2011, issue of “Understand The Times” News In Review:

August 1 – Dragonfly drones and cyborg moths: Tiny flying robots set to be the future of spying and rescue missions
Article: One World Government

nir231i.gifThe next generation of military robots is set to be based on designs inspired by the insect world. The dragonfly drones and cyborg moths, with in-built micro-cameras, could revolutionise spying missions and rescue operations.

The advantage of using drones is that they can be used in emergency situations too dangerous for people and in secret military surveillance raids.

Zoologist Richard Bomphrey, of Oxford University, is leading a study to generate new insight into how insect wings have evolved. He said: ‘Nature has solved the problem of how to design miniature flying machines. ‘By learning those lessons, our findings will make it possible to aerodynamically engineer a new breed of surveillance vehicles that, because they are as small as insects and also fly like them, completely blend into their surroundings.’

The military would like to develop tiny robots that can fly inside caves and barricaded rooms to send back real-time intelligence about the people and weapons inside.

Currently, the smallest of state-of-the-art fixed-wing unmanned surveillance vehicles are around a foot wide. The incorporation of flapping wings is the secret to making the new designs so small.

The team’s groundbreaking work has attracted the attention of NATO, the US Air Force and the European Office of Aerospace Research and Development.

The research is expected to produce findings that can be used by the defense industry within three to five years, leading to the development and widespread deployment of insect-sized flying machines in the next two decades.

Dr Bomphrey said: ‘This is just one more example of how we can learn important lessons from nature. Tiny flying machines could provide the perfect way of exploring all kinds of dark, dangerous and dirty places.’

(Yeah sure, lol, like your bedroom! /bg)

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From: Roger Oakland understandthetimes
Date: August 17, 2011 10:20:26 PM EDT
News In Review


You think that’s bad, see the next email entitled: A SPYING “EYE IN YOUR WINDOW.”


The KJV & the JPS1917 for Ecclesiastes 10:20 read identical:

“Curse not THE KING, no, not in thy THOUGHT, and curse not THE RICH in thy BEDCHAMBER; for a bird of the air shall CARRY THE VOICE, and THAT WHICH HATH WINGS SHALL TELL THE MATTER.” – Ecclesiastes 10:20, Jewish Publication Society 1917 Old Testament


Think how true that scripture is:

•The Antichrist & his Satanic Surveillance Mindset wants to know all our thoughts (“curse not THE KING, no, not even in your THOUGHTs”);

•The globalist ultra-wealthy dynastic families from which he will come are paranoid & want to control all of humanity down to keeping tabs on people even in their bedrooms (“curse not THE RICH in thy bedchamber”);

•So under the pretense of war, terrorism, & “security,” they are inventing all these little spying gadgets, now in the shape of little WINGED CREATURES so people will be none the wiser!

“Buzzzz. Look! It’s a bird! No, a plane! No, a dragonfly-drone! No, a cyborg-moth!”

The Tribulation is going to be one huge CREEPY experience!



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  1. TPR

    Check out the latest super creepy tiny drone devices:

    2/19/13:  “U.S. Air Force developing terrifying swarms of tiny unmanned drones that can hover, crawl and even kill targets”:



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