News Snips from the Homo Frontline

10/12/11: “Supreme Court Allows Important Natural Marriage and Family Case to Stand”:

Briefly, a NY male homo couple adopted a baby in 2006. The birth certificate is in Louisiana & the homos wanted LA to change the names of the biological parents on the child’s birth certificate to their own “two Dads” names. LA refused, per their own State laws re what a married couple means (man/woman). The homos sued, of course, & LOST! Ha! The SCOTUS sided with the State of Louisiana.


Another recent homo case:

A Ft. Worth, TX, high school “German class” teacher holds a “religion in Germany” discussion. The teacher says homosex is more common now & everyone should accept it. (A few weeks prior to this, the teacher had put up on that classroom’s World Wall a photo of two men kissing. Ugh!)

In the “German religion” class one student asks how to say Lesbian in German? (a very religious question, eh?). Another student says he thinks homosex is wrong based on his Christian belief. The male teacher writes up the second kid for “bullying” & sends him to the Principal’s office where the kid is suspended. That student fights back by asking Liberty Counsel to help. They send a Constitution-
trained attorney to have a chat with school officials re the kid’s 1st Amendment rights while in school. Ha! That works almost every time! School officials then suspend the teacher & let the Christian boy back in class:

•10/11/11: “Texas School District Fully Vindicates Christian Student After Wrongful Suspension”:

•9/28/11: “Teacher Placed on Administrative Leave for Punishing Christian Student”:

•9/23/11: “Student Punished for Christian Beliefs About Homosexuality Pushes Back”:



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One response to “News Snips from the Homo Frontline

  1. I do not like this gay agenda in America being shoved down our throats. I do not hate gays, I have more important things to think about. I still think it is wrong, but yet I know God wants us to love all people. I know sin is sin and when I sin I repent. What are they going to want next? Their going to do what they want anyways they should not expect all people to clap and applaud for them?
    Their whole life is based on their gay lifestyle I do not want to hear about it anymore. My life is not all about how straight it is or how I can force it on someone, and if you don’t agree with them you might get sued. As for me and my home I choose God.


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