Fukushima was Genocide!

Jim said (November 29, 2011):

This article by Jim Stone will blow your socks off–I am an engineer and believe it in its entirety. (It) Supports your latest article: Fukushima is Genocide:



Source of above Jim quote:

“Japanese Convince Me Fukushima Was Genocide”:http://www.henrymakow.com/japan_1.html


All photos are from the 1995 Illuminati Card Game by Steve Jackson.



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2 responses to “Fukushima was Genocide!

  1. TheParadiseReporter

    There’s a new excellent article dated 1/27/12 at Henry Makow’s site by a guest author regarding the Jim Stone Fukushima Hoax Analysis Report:

    1/27/12: “The Argument that Fukushima Was Sabotaged”:

    In the Reader Comments section for that article, Ken Adachi of EducateYourself.org chimed in that he had come to the same conclusions 2.5 months prior to Jim Stone’s report in June 2011. Mr. Adachi is a bit miffed that Stone never included Adachi’s site in Stone’s later report. (Maybe Stone did not use Google for his research like the rest of us do. :)

    Now they are saying Stone is an insider due to his prior NASA engineering background. Well, ten years ago when I first began researching the NWO, I read somewhere than Adachi was also a stooge. So who knows. Either way, I agree with both of them, ie, Fukushima was a rigged disaster. Visit the above link for more info.


  2. TPR

    Re: Jim Stone Fukushima:

    Predictive Programming?  I totally forget about this until the past two days…

    There was a “made for TV” movie (filmed in Montreal & Nova Scotia in 2006-2007) that I saw aired on TV Summer 2007, entitled “KILLER WAVE.”  Though it had nothing to do with Japan or nuke power plants, the whole plot centered on undersea nuke missiles being used to create tsunamis on USA coastlines so that a “New City” could arise from the ashes.  The “special effects” scenes of the speeding undersea missiles slamming into the underwater landmasses were jolting! (pun intended) as were the monstrous tidal wave scenes!  I wrote about it here (updated with a few corrections when I watched it a second time):

    Posted August 2007:
    Re: “KILLER WAVE” Movie on Ion TV – A “Warning”?



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