How Brainwashing Works in TV-Movie “Comedies”

Speaking of cross-dressers*: ABC has a supposed “situation comedy” of two regular guys who, unable to find jobs, decide to dress as women to seek employment:

about work it
From “Friends” producers Andrew Reich & Ted Cohen (an obvious Jewish name, btw) comes “Work It,” a high-concept (read: LOWEST morals) comedy about two unrepentant guy’s guys who, unable to find work, dress as women to get jobs. Not only do they pull it off, but they just might learn to be better men in the process.

Here’s how the media brainwashing works:

•Illuminati Jews control Hollywood. That’s been a fact since its inception. Unbeknownst to most people, *they* have a plan for *your* life, & it is not a “happy ending.”

•They make perversion palatable for the masses by dipping it in the batter of so-called “comedy” (if it makes you laugh, even uncomfortably at first, it can’t be all bad, right?)

•Then they bombard you with commercials about the latest, greatest “primetime, family time” sitcom that “everybody” is watching.

•Then they have their lapdog “TV critics” give the show a “two thumbs up” approval rating to make sure you gladly swallow their latest dish of dysfunction.

•By then you are in their grasp. You have turned off your thinking ability & turned on the brainwashing machine (TV).

You’ve been had, people. Plain & simple.

Unplug. Wake up. Do not participate in your own demise.

Educate Thyself!

Remember Robin Williams’ 1993 movie where he dressed up as an old lady, Mrs. Doubtfire, to get that housekeeping job to see his kids? It was formatted using the same ploy:
•Take dire hard times (divorced father, unemployment, etc.),
•Layer it in so-called comedy,
•Then add a wallop of perversion (cross-dressing).
•Result? You have all the necessary ingredients to sway the viewers toward the Luciferian agenda.

The formula (recipe) looks like this:

1. + “Humor/Comedy/Laughter” (first in importance as, like a drug, it gets your guard down)

2. + “Empathy-Inducing Situation” (hard times many can relate to, pulls on your heart strings)

3. + “Drastic (Perverted) Measures Required (cross-dressing)

4. = “Normal” (“straight”) People are Doing These Things & it is Presented as “Acceptable” (so it must be okay).

Use the above formula as an example to break down & analyze all TV shows & movies & you will see the pattern.

Yes, there IS an agenda & it is aimed at YOU.

Edward Bernays** would be proud:




* “Beware Ladies: You May Meet Cross-Dressers in Macy’s Women’s Dressing Rooms”:

** Bernays was the nephew of pervert Sigmund Freud; author of the 1928 book, Propaganda; responsible for the propaganda that resulted in such sweeping social changes as women smoking, flouridation of water supplies, etc.

“Propaganda” (read free online) by Edward Bernays (1928):

Video: YouTube:
“Who Was Edward Bernays?: New World Order Propaganda Genius”:



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