Have “MAD SCIENTISTS” Created “ROBOT BEES” to Subvert & Destroy Real Bees?

A very interesting news snip is further below from “Creation Moments” re scientists having successfully created a “robot bee” that other REAL honeybees finally accepted (rather than attacked) & communicated with. The scientists’ claimed & supposed goal of creating the robot “infiltrator” bee is for it to direct the REAL bees to food sources that need pollination. Hmm. Can’t they do that on their own already? Let’s turn this news around, hypothetically:

1. From my 10 years of reading re the New World Order agenda, I’ve learned that whenever scientists, the military, etc., ANNOUNCES they have a “new” weapon, technology, invention, etc., that they have really ALREADY HAD IT for at least 10-15 years prior to their “announcement.”

2. If we apply that premise to this new “robot bee” announcement, it COULD possibly mean they have ALREADY been able to fool the REAL bees for some time with false information from their robotic “disinfo bee.”

3. And, if #1-2 were true, that could possibly explain the disappearance & destruction of millions of bees over the last several years that have increasingly been in the news.

4. How? They could program the computer-directed robotic “disinfo bee” to communicate to the REAL bees, “Ladies & Gents, our next major food source is located here… Follow Me…” & the “disinfo bee” leads the hive to a poisonous source or to some far away “Bee FEMA Camp” where the Real Bees are incarcerated, without legal defense or trials (Bee Patriot Act), & never heard from again (Bee Gas Chambers), all for the purpose of disrupting & destroying the HUMAN food supply.

CORRECTION: Typos in the above photo: It should read: “Brought to you be K.BEE.R., a Division of HalliBEEton.” :)

Lol, OK, I jest there about Bee FEMA Camps, etc. :) but you never know! “Science Messing with Nature” is a true modern day evil agenda of the New World Order. That IS a fact (cloned & hybrid animals, GMO seeds, weather warfare, chemtrails, Goy transgender goats, etc.).

Here’s the story (& more below):


Friday Church News Notes

December 23, 2011



The following is from Creation Moments, November 23, 2011:

“Scientists have, for the first time, successfully communicated with honeybees in their own language! Scientists have for some time known how to interpret many of the elements of the bees’ so-called ‘waggle dance.’ This dance is used by scouts to communicate the location of food sources to the food gatherers in the hive. A couple decades ago, researchers decided to see if they could confirm their understanding of bee communication. But how do you talk to a bee and get confirmation that she understood what you said? Scientists decided that the only way to do this was to build a robot bee through which they could communicate.

“The first attempts at building a robot bee acceptable to real bees did not work well. Early models were viciously attacked. Scientists finally perfected a computer-controlled robot bee that real honeybees accepted. These scientists describe honeybee language as elegant and precise. Yet they found they had learned enough bee language to communicate successfully a food source and its location to real bees. They also discovered that they have much more to learn about bee language. As a result, it may someday be possible for farmers to direct bees to crops that need pollination.”


“White House ‘Mad Scientist'” sneaks robotic bee into the hive…

(Not Really, lol, j/k on that one!)

However, when googling for bee photos I discovered a 2007 agri link re — daaa dummm, drum roll please — an *ISRAELI* BEE VIRUS…

“Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus”
“MAAREC – Mid Atlantic Apiculture & Extension Consortium – Statement to Beekeepers – Colony Collapse Disorder and Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus”:https://agdev.anr.udel.edu/maarec/2007/09/07/statement-to-beekeepers-colony-collapse-disorder-and-israeli-acute-paralysis-virus/

Hmmm! The plot thickens! Could it BEE that those Mad Scientists creating robot bees are Israeli Mossad agents? Back to the drawing board to update my prior photo…

Lol. It’s a joke! Don’t have a heart attack. :) Chalk this email up to playfulness more than anything.


Seriously, such beautiful scenes, aren’t they, all these bees with their colorful flowers… I love the photos!

I’ll be glad when Jesus takes control of the planet once again & all will be WELL!

“On that day the LORD shall whistle for the fly in the farthest streams of Egypt, AND FOR THE BEE in the land of Assyria. All of them shall come and settle in the steep ravines and in the rocky clefts, on all thornbushes and in all pastures.” — Isaiah 7:18-19.

(That is so neat! What a mental picture! God WHISTLING, waving his big arm & saying, “COME HERE all you flies & bees!” :) My Dad can whistle really LOUD & always has, so I can imagine how loud a “God whistle” would be! Very cool, love it!)


Bee article News Source:

From: “FBIS News Service” fbns
Date: December 23, 2011 8:37:45 AM EST
Friday Church News Notes


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