“I was the TAKER.”

“He was the GIVER.”

…Simple yet beautifully touching lyrics from this song:

“I Should Have Been Crucified”
(sung, mainly, by Steve Brock, with a little help from Walt Mills on the right, Alvin Slaughter on the left, & Benny Hinn, at a prior TBN Praise-A-Thon):

Direct Link:
http://www .youtube .com/ watch?v=fkMQjJsTn4E

I’m not a fan of their “speaking in tongues,” nor of Alvin Slaughter’s singing style, & Walt Mills is OK though a bit “country.” The GEM here is Steve Brock’s VOICE which I DO like & when he sings this heart-rending song by himself, it is much better. The problem is finding him at YouTube singing it SOLO** so this “group version” will have to do for now.

I looked at a few dozen other videos of various “non-professionals” singing this same song at YT & they all PALE in comparison to the depth & richness that Steve Brock’s voice rightly adds to the simple yet profound lyrics. You can find some of those many others, here:

YouTube – “I Should Have Been Crucified”:

As for Benny Hinn, though not a singer, he surprisingly has a decent singing voice. He often stands on the sidelines &, just like a little kid, looks like he is just itching to jump in & sing with Steve Brock. Funny. There are many YT videos of him & Brock singing many songs, or pieces thereof, together.

(Photo of Gordon Jensen)

Gordon Jensen is the composer of the music/lyrics of the song, “I Should Have Been Crucified”:

The Story Behind the Song, how Jensen came to write it:

Gordon Jensen CDs (I love his song but Jensen also sings a bit too “country” for my taste; there are audio samples in his store, here):

The song is also included in Steve Brock’s CDs:

The “next best” YouTube rendition I cound find is this one, the main vocalist has a nice deep voice to carry the weight of the “meaty” yet simple message:

Living Water Vocal Band (a male quartet):

Direct Link:
http://www .youtube .com/ watch?v=C6xqWOIfDts



**2012 will mark 10 years that I have been taping on VHS tapes various Christian TV programs & music (& I’m sure I have somewhere in them Steve Brock singing the above song SOLO).

At approximately 50-60 VHS tapes per year, I have 600-700 tapes now. The huge problem is getting the VHS tapes transferred to CD/DVD, & from CD/DVD into the computer, & from the computer onto the Internet, plus having no room/space to set up such an operation, nor the equipment & physical energy to tackle such a big project.

Thankfully the tapes have been in air-conditioning the whole time stored in “under bed” plastic bins from Walmart. I’ve since learned, though, that VHS tapes should be stored “standing on end” like a book on a bookshelf, rather than on their sides. :-/

Therefore, I’m trusting the Lord to preserve them until…
•I can extract the music & programs from them that I want to keep onto CD/DVDs, &/or…
•Until the “harpazo” takes place, at which point the tapes would become my “left behind gift” for anyone “left behind” who finds them. :)

FWIW, I got permission from TBN in recent years to tape their network (via tweets exchanged with Paul Crouch, Jr.), but have never asked “The Good Life Channel” nor “The SuperChannel,” both Christian channels in Orlando (taped 2002-2008).

I was going to donate the VHS tapes to LovePackages.org until I learned the past year or two that they do not accept “home recorded” VHS tapes. (They collect Christian literature, books, Bibles, VHS/CDs/DVDs, etc. for distribution overseas.)

Since then I’ve thought of yet another place I could give the VHS tapes to (the lady, a Christian, already has a huge natural health library, & no TV reception at her little health retreat, so possibly a perfect solution). However, I still want to transfer/save some of the programs & music for myself on CD/DVD. And then, would SHE have enough room/bookshelves for storing 600-700 VHS tapes? :) So we’ll see one of these days!

Until then, it’s “group sing” of “I Should Have Been Crucified” in the two YT videos further above. :)



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