Treblinca (Holocaust) Mass Grave Discovered

1/19/12: CuttingEdge News Alert:

Key Events


I. Scientists have discovered a mass grave of 850,000 Jewish bodies buried outside the old Nazi extermination camp, Treblinca!

This genocidal horror should bring the past Nazi war crime into our present consciousness so we can confront the New Genocide which is underway using exactly the same stategies as Hitler began his systematic destruction!

NEWS BRIEF: “British archaeologist destroys Holocaust deniers’ argument with mass grave find at Treblinka”, Daily Mail News, 18th January 2012

“A British forensic archaeologist has unearthed fresh evidence to prove the existence of mass graves at the Nazi death camp Treblinka – scuppering the claims of Holocaust deniers who say it was merely a transit camp.

“Some 800,000 Jews were killed at the site, in north east Poland, during the Second World War but a lack of physical evidence in the area has been exploited by Holocaust deniers.”

I have always looked aghast at the current effort by many to deny that the Nazi Holocaust ever occurred. So much evidence exists that it did occur, that to deny it can be likened to trying to deny that the Sun rises every morning. However, since the coming Antichrist will be filled with the same demonic fury of hatred toward all mankind with which Hitler was filled, the Man of Sin would find it easier to repeat Hitler’s genocide if mankind today had forgotten Adolf’s massive War Crimes.

“Forensic archaeologist Caroline Sturdy Colls has now undertaken the first co-ordinated scientific attempt to locate the graves. As Jewish religious law forbids disturbing burial sites, she and her team from the University of Birmingham have used ‘ground-penetrating radar’. Her work at the site, where the Nazis tried to destroy all traces of industrial-scale killing, is being followed in forthcoming Radio 4 documentary ‘The Hidden Graves Of The Holocaust’.”

Here a few salient facts about this horrific mass extermination site:

* “Treblinka was a Nazi death camp in occupied Poland near the village of Treblinka during World War II”

* “The camp was constructed as part of Operation Reinhard … operated between July 23, 1942 and October 19, 1943”

Killing 850,000 men, woman and children in only 453 days is a staggering figure! This fact means that the Nazi soldiers murdered 1,876 people per day!

* “During this time, approximately 850,000 men, women and children were killed at Treblinka. This figure includes more than 800,000 Jews, as well as a few thousand Romani people”

* “The camp, which was operated by the SS and Eastern European Trawnikis, was split into two sections named Treblinka I and II”

* “Treblinka I was designed for forced-labour center. Treblinka II was designed as a death factory with more than 99 per cent of all arrivals being immediately sent to its gas chambers”

* “Treblinka II ended operations on October 19, 1943 following a revolt by its Sonderkommandos”

* “Beginning in March 1942, the SS implemented Sonderaktion 1005 to cover up the murder of millions of people during Aktion Reinhard. Their actions were so comprehensive that, ever since the end of the Second World War, Holocaust deniers have used the site as evidence of misinformation about Nazi genocide. They claim the site was merely a transit camp – a myth now debunked by the latest discoveries of mass graves.”

The world should tremble in fear at the sight of this gruesome discovery, for while Adolf Hitler murdered his tens of millions through gunshot, poison and mass extermination camps, the coming Antichrist will murder several billions using nuclear weapons, electromagnetic waves, genetically created plagues, and beheading. What did Jesus foretell?

“And except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved…” (Mark 13:20)

The demonic Spirit of Genocide is hurtling down upon all mankind. Are you spiritually ready?



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