“Christian” author & pastor John Piper blames Jesus for the recent tornadoes through “Maryville” & “Henryville,” etc. He says God’s “FIERCE FINGERS” caused the path of destruction & deaths through rural America. Is he correct?

3/5/12: “Fierce Tornadoes and the Fingers of God”:

Brother Dweeb! Every single scripture Piper used to try to prove his point he took OUT OF ITS ORIGINAL CONTEXT. Let’s hope nobody seeks out his non-comforting words in a time of tragedy. You might feel like doing your own self in after such non-consoling dribble!

And worse, Piper’s blog name is “DESIRING God”! Who is going to “DESIRE God” if it is God’s fingers ripping their hair out? :-/

Pastor Justin Johnson of GraceAmbassadors, on the other hand, wrote a scripturally accurate & dispensationally correct refutation to Piper’s skewed theology, including a nifty photo of God’s supposed “Fierce Fingers,” lol, see it here:

3/10/12: “The Hands of God in Tragedy”:


With small towns with names like Mary & Henry being destroyed, it sounds more like “direct hits” by TPTB against “All American Families & Apple Pie” via Weather Warfare & Eco-Terrorism:

3/8/12: “1997 Quote by USA Defense Secretary re Eco-Terrorism”: http://www.henrymakow.com/1997_-_secretary_of_defense.html

For more thorough coverage of the subject, see the Watch Unto Prayer expose’ re Destruction of the Bible Belt via Weather Warfare:

June 2011 & Continuing:


Here’s the “Back to the Future Atlantis Dream” of the madmen currently running the Devil’s World System:

If Piper had a comments section at his blog I would have filled him in like I was compelled to do last year at another Christian blog which I wrote about here:

8/24/11: “WEATHER WARFARE for Christians” – TPR:

Bottom Line: Does God hold the power to kick up a freight train load of tornadoes if He wanted? Oh yeah! But IS HE NOW? Nooo. Why not? Simple! Because God’s wrath against sin & evil has been ON HOLD since the cross of Christ at Calvary while He patiently waits UNTIL “the FULLNESS of the Gentiles come in” TO HIM. It would be entirely hypocritical for God to be offering grace & life & peace to anyone who desires Him yet at the same time be “punishing” humanity with “disasters.”

An *ANGRY* God during the Age of *GRACE* is like oil & water. The two words are a dichotomy & just don’t mix. You can’t have it both ways, preacher! Back to the drawing board (of Scripture) for you…



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