“Taxation WITHOUT Representation”

“Taxation WITHOUT Representation!
Washington DC is rubbing it in our face!”
by Jim Stone

I have a favorite cadillac, it’s the 1998 Northstar, the maxed out version. I saw one in a parking lot in DC, and after noticing the plate I had to get a picture. The owner stepped out and asked why I took a picture of his car, and I said it’s my favorite Cadillac, and he smiled. I asked him if his plate was normal, and he said yes, that’s a normal Washington DC plate. I then started looking at all the cars and realized they all said that.

This plate, which boldly states “taxation without representation” is an affront to the American people. It does not take much of a history buff to know that…

…THIS is the exact reason for the revolutionary war – where England was taxing the American colonies, without representing them.

This is a telling sign – Washington DC knows it does not represent the American people, it represents a corporation that has re-named America to the United States of America, which is indeed a corporation and not a government. The proper name for the union is the UNITED STATES. Once “Of America” is added, it’s a corporate statement. I don’t have time to go into details on this, but the best source of information with regard to the corporate takeover of America is HERE: http://www.itsnotthelaw.com

Wayne Barbuto has written a brilliant book which outlines the hostile takeover of America, the courts, and the constitution. It’s not free, but well worth the price. I don’t pitch people on this site, but I simply do not know of a better resource than what Wayne has provided, and if he needs to charge for it, well, that is that.

It’s a fact that the District of Columbia is NOT American territory and not part of any state, it is a parcel of land set aside for the implementation of the criminal enslavement of the American people, and that statement on the license plate – “taxation without representation” stands as a testimony to this fact.


TPR: Notice 1492 on the tag. Isn’t that the year Columbus supposedly discovered America?

As far as “taxation without representation” on the tag, they probably mean it as the reason for the Revolutionary War vs. England. However, it could hold a double “in your face” meaning as Stone says.

And here’s more about the book Stone mentioned:

“IT’S NOT THE LAW” – Wayne Barbuto:
–PDF digital version, $30.
–Spiral-bound hardcopy, $65.



Are You Aware?

Sample Chapters:
–Legal Word-Crafting:
–The Game of Your Name:

Terms Covered in the Book:

Legal Word Crafting
The Buck Act • Color of Law
2nd Amendment • B.A.T.F
Do You Live in This State?
Attorneys vs. Lawyers
Trading with the Enemy
British Accreditation Regency
Compelled Benefit Contracts
Jurisdiction • Juristic Person
Uniform Commercial Code
Your Straw Man • Artificial Person
Trial by Jury vs. Jury Trial
Redemption in law • UCC
Subject Matter Jurisdiction
Protecting Your Signature
Defendant or The Accused
Phony Wars • Silver Bullets
Gun Control Act of 1968
Guns vs. Firearms • NWO
The Game of Your Name
Missing 13th Amendment
Vices are Not Crimes • ATF
Enabling Causes • Licenses
Driving vs. Traveling
Standing • Public law 7310
Adhesion Contracts • BATF
National Firearms Act
Admiralty law • Martial Law
House Joint Resolution 192
Ponzie’s Legacy • Common Law
Second 13th Amendment
Redemption • Private Law
Law Enforcement vs. Keeping the Peace
Reece Committee • BAR
Full Disclosure Questionnaire
Fictitious Plaintiff
Birth Registration
Were You Delivered ?
Nonexistent Gun laws
Nazi Weapons law
Rights vs. Privileges
The Bankruptcy Connection
14th Amendment
Contract Law • Mixed War


The ATF went after Mr. Barbuto in year 2000 for possession & dealing in firearms. Some info re his court case is here, where he did his best to stand as a “freeman” but he lost the appeal: http://ca10.washburnlaw.edu/cases/2003/03/02-4072.htm

In the ABOUT section of his site, Barbuto explains:

“In this book I am going to tell you a true story of an unlawful attack initiated by agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. This book explains how I responded, and what I learned from the experience.


“One of my goals was to expose the modern day judicial system for the complete and utter fraud that it is, with some little known background history to help you understand why they have such contempt for the Law. In addition I have included some little known, but fundamental principles that should help people understand their true rights.

“All in all, I have presented some very important information here for your consideration. If you accept it, you will find yourself thinking a lot less like subject/slaves, and more like the Sovereigns our founding Fathers believed that we were destined to be. And should you ever come under attack from the feds as I was, the information contained in this book could save you a lot of time, disappointment, and money. With the knowledge contained here, you might just stop them before they get rolling on you.”


Great quote:

“Law is surprisingly simple. It is the PERVERSION of the Law that is complicated.” — Wayne Frank Barbuto

From: “It’s Not The Law”:


How true! The Devil & his human puppets complicate everything!



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