NO IRAN WAR (Yet Again!)

President Obama has flashed a signal to Iranian leaders that he would accept a civilian nuclear goal rather than a military one.

Can we now stop hearing this nonsensical rhetoric about an attack on Iran?

4/9/12: “Cutting Edge News Alert”:

NEWS BRIEF: “No War: US to accept civilian nuke program in Iran “, YNET News, 04.06.12

“WASHINGTON – US President Barack Obama has signaled Tehran that Washington would accept a civilian nuclear program in Iran if Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei can back up his recent claim that his nation ‘will never pursue nuclear weapons’, the Washington Post reported Friday.”

“… the verbal message was sent through Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who met with Khamenei last week. A few days prior to leaving for the trip, Erdogan held a two-hour meeting with Obama on the sidelines of the nuclear security summit in Seoul, in which they discussed what the Turkish leader would tell Khamenei about the nuclear issue … Edrogan is said to have agreed with Obama that the primary challenge faced by the negotiators is turning Khamenei’s public rhetoric into a serious and verifiable commitment not to build a bomb.”

This goal should be an easy one to accomplish, since Iran has owned a military nuclear capability since early, 2002! (Read full details in NEWS1660).

Just as Doc Marquis reveals in his DVD, “The Illuminati Is Fulfilling Bible Prophecy”, Ezekiel 38-39 foretelling the invasion of Israel by Russian led forces protects both Russian military reputation and the nation of Ancient Persia (Iran) from attack at this point. Hopefully, the time has now arrived when the incessant Mass Media drumbeat of an attack on Iran can cease; this propaganda campaign has been the longest “rumors of war” on recent record!

(I’ll say, it’s been going on for nine years already! Sick of “rumors of war” regarding Iran, yet people continue to get hyped up about it over & over & over again.)



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