Raiders E-News Journal – Special Edition

Raiders E-News Journal – Special Edition 4/22/12

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Breaking news from around the world including astonishing scientific breakthrough, amazing discovery, unfolding prophecy and more is now online together exclusively at:

Today’s stories include:

* Benedict Setting Rome Up For Papal Authoritarian Enforcer? Petrus Romanus?
* Guess Who Also Believed Rome Would Pave The Way For Antichrist
* Leader Of ‘Radical’ US Nuns Rejects Vatican Criticism
* Pope: The Word Of God Is Not Confined To The Scriptures
* Jews Worried Vatican Making Moves To Embrace Anti-Semitism
* New Translation Of Bible Continues Assault On Jesus’ Divinity
* Theology Of The Body Excites Priests, Provides ‘Holy Pornography’
* Dominance Of The Godless Woman And The Fall Of America
* New United States Federal Agency OFR Stirs ‘Orwellian’ Fears
* Congresswoman Warns About Obama’s Martial Law Executive Order
* Robots Could Be The Future Of Prostitution, Researchers Claim
* Cameron, Google Founders, Billionaires, Fund Mysterious Space Venture
* The Demonic Movement Behind Earth Day

Find these and many, many more breaking stories together exclusively today at:


From: “Raiders E-News Journal ” <info>

Date: April 22, 2012 10:32:11 AM EDT
Raiders E-News Journal – Special Edition


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