Israel Wars & Miracles

There was a recent article at Henry Makow’s site re:

“Would the Illuminati Sacrifice Israel?”

A reader named Adam replied to it saying:

“I remember 25 years ago when a Zionist was telling me the story of how the Egyptian army was brought to stand-still in the Sinai. He told me it was because of a “miracle of God” where the Egyptians had seen a “ghost army” so vast and before them in the dessert that they were afraid to advance. … I don’t know if you heard of such legends…”


That comment reminded me of the TV series (photo at top) regarding similar “Israel war miracles,” called, “AGAINST ALL ODDS: IN SEARCH OF A MIRACLE.”

The series has been around for awhile & has 13 episodes. The “reporter,” Michael Greenspan, interviews Israelis & Arabs who were involved in those Israel wars, all now much older people of course, & they relate the various “miracles” they experienced in war… tanks being stopped in their tracts, the enemy seeing “visions of Abraham in the sky” that sent them running, etc.

Here’s the program description from TBN, & which may be in TBN video archives or at iTBN (which supposedly has On Demand viewing of all programs) & the program supposedly airs on PBS (Public Broadcasting) as well:

“Against All Odds” – Watch Us – TBN Programs:

Against All Odds

Experience what some have called, the modern miracles of Israel, through the eyes of a seasoned journalist, Michael Greenspan, and explore the question: why has Israel survived against all the odds? This 13 part dramatic television series, appropriately tilted, “Against All Odds: In Search of a Miracle”, takes a fascinating journey into the documented stories of supernatural phenomenon, which birthed and preserved modern Israel. Eyewitness accounts and commentary by high ranking government officials, generals, soldiers, foreign leaders and even their Arab enemies are collectively irrefutable – that some force beyond human comprehension has most definitely repeatedly come to the aid of the people of modern day Israel, with remarkable similarities to its Biblical history, whenever the nation’s survival was at stake. This series, brought to you by American Trademark Pictures, includes never before seen footage from Israel’s wars, powerful dramatic recreations and fascinating interviews with those who lived, what could be described as, miracles of Biblical proportions.


From the producers’ website:
“Against All Odds: In Search of a Miracle”:

All Episode Descriptions are here:

Below are Episode Descriptions 6-7-8 (out of 13 total) of some of the “miracles”… The interviews always seemed very sincere… (& the re-enactments add the “live” emotional touch) …hard to imagine the people are lying, but !!?? with TV nothing is certain… (maybe it is Maurice Strong’s & the Greenberg Families doing the “acting” as that Dallasgoldbug guy always says, lol, one never knows these days):

6: The Miracle Of ‘48
Michael meets war veteran SHAYKE GAVISH and EITAN HABER, both freedom fighters in the War for Independence. The son of legendary documentary filmmaker NATHAN AXELROD, shares his personal memories and narrates moments from his father’s priceless film collection. The episode dramatizes AMOS HOREV’s account of how he helped discover a back road to Jerusalem when it was under siege by the Jordanians, a route that would become the famous Burma Road. After the War for Independence, David Ben-Gurion’s chief of staff, YIGAL YADIN, an atheist like Ben Gurion, wrote across his personal file from the war “THE GREAT MIRACLE”. He had witnessed an achievement beyond human explanation, he later recalled. The episode dramatizes the account of IRA RAPPAPORT, whose surrounded platoon on Mt. Zion faced hundreds of Jordanians with only 25 bullets between them. Preparing themselves to die, they saw the Jordanians suddenly begin shouting “Abraham! Abraham!,” and running away. Years later, Ira met one of those Jordanian soldiers, who told him they ran away because they had seen a vision of Abraham defending the Jews in the sky above the young Israelis. Michael visits with Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv, ISRAEL LAU and historian GERSHON BAR KOCHVA, who provides the facts that added up to a war against all odds for the one day old nation of Israel in 1948. The episode includes an inspiring visit to the grave of patriarch DAVID BEN-GURION.

7: 1967!
Michael investigates the incredible military achievement of 1967, and the inspiring stories associated with the return of Jerusalem to Jewish hands for the first time since the fall of Jerusalem to the Romans in 70AD. Commander DAVID YANIV tells (and the episode dramatizes) an account of Abraham appearing in the sky above a platoon of soldiers outside Jerusalem’s walls, reminiscent of the Ira Rappaport experience of ’48. Paratrooper YORAM ZAMUSH takes Michael to the Kotel and recounts his personal story (and the episode dramatizes) his men being the first Jews to touch the wailing wall as a part of Israel since the Jewish exile from this land nearly 2,000 years ago.

8: A Warrior Named Kahalani
There are few living war legends in Israel as known or more beloved as AVIGDOR KAHALANI. Michael visits Kahalani who shares his remarkable stories of escape from a burning tank in the Sinai campaign of 1967, and a faceoff wth Syrian tanks in 1973, against all odd. Kahalani’s own son, DOTAN, plays the role of his famous father in the re-enactment of these two legendary war stories. Veterans of both wars were emotionally moved by the similarity between father and son as they witnessed the filming of this episode. American television journalist BILL McKAY discloses a secret exchange between GOLDA MEIR Meir and then U.S. President RICHARD NIXON that turned the tide in Israel’s favor at a moment when almost every leader in Israel was predicting annihilation for Israel. The episode climaxes with a moving visit by Michael to the Memorial Wall of Remembrance at the Armored Corps Museum at Latrun.


Biblically speaking, God is not even dealing with nations as a whole in this age, but with INDIVIDUALS out of ALL nations who come to saving grace through Jesus Christ.

God knew there would be a fake Israel first, not set up by him but Rothschilds, et al.

It had to be that way FIRST because there can’t be the False Messiah who will deceive Israel (John 5:43) without an Israel being set up FIRST to deceive.

I’ve heard some Christians, like, say that “God is FORCING the bad guys to fulfill Bible prophecy.” I don’t buy that necessarily. I think it’s the other way around, ie: God has foreknowledge. He “looked ahead” & saw where sin in the world would take mankind — to the brink of destruction. THEN God had all his prophecies written based on that foreknowledge. He doesn’t have to “force” anybody to do anything. The bad guys are doing it of their own volition [James 1:13,14; 4:1-3] & he knew that in advance & had prophecy written accordingly.

After the “fullness of the Gentiles come in” (Roms. 11:25,26) — & only He knows when that is — then God turns his focus back to ALL unbelieving NATIONS, including the modern fake Israel, & the Tribulation begins.

And yes, there very well could be a fake Tribulation first (while we are still in the Grace Age) created by the Rothschilds, et al, with the focus on $$$ — 10 world regions set up per the Club of Rome TRADE agreements, financially-oriented microchips, etc. If all that happens, it’s not the REAL Biblical Tribulation because the focus of the real Trib will be Luciferian initiation & devil worship.

God is not going to kick butt because of microchips (practically the same as SSN’s & credit cards that we all use today). But he will kick butt when people take the real Mark of the Beast (allegiance to Lucifer) & fall down & worship the real Antichrist who claims to be God AND in so doing they are also worshipping “the dragon who gives him/Antichrist his power” (Satan). Now that’s worth kicking butt over, not some greed &/or control-grid-inspired five & dime microchips.

There will probably be big wars between the fake & the real Tribulation, which will knock the world back to the Dark Ages where all their electronic & satellite toys are not going to work anyway, so literal branding & tattooing will be used for the Mark of the Beast just as Scripture says; ditto for why they will all be on horses vs. tanks, etc. (“the blood reaches to the bridles of the HORSES” at the Battle of Armageddon [Rev.14:20], not up to the rim of some army tank).

And yes, I know a lot of people think the bad guys wrote ALL Scripture so they themselves could then turn around & “fulfill it.” That’s absurd (people are falling for one of the biggest lies of the Shadow Rulers, that all Scripture is a joke. People should stop & ask themselves: “WHY would TPTB NOT want me to know & believe Scripture?”) It has always been the Holy Spirit’s “job” to oversee the writings which have the power to inspire &/or convict those who read Scripture & bring them to Christ. “The word of God is alive & exerts power” (Heb. 4:12). It’s a living entity (via Holy Spirit), not some old dead lifeless scrolls. And every word will be fulfilled, literally (not allegorically), because “God cannot lie” (Titus 1:2) & His word “never returns to Him void” (Isa. 55:10,11). Also, why would the bad guys fully describe their own destruction (which is also clearly described in Scripture in numerous places)? That makes no sense.

As for that “Against All Odds” TV series & Israel “miracles,” would God respond to any *INDIVIDUALS* in those wars — on EITHER side of the fence/Arab or Jew — who cried out to Him personally? I think he would, yes. Did they? Did He? Only they & He would know. In this Grace Age, God IS looking for INDIVIDUALS, whoever & wherever they are, so it is possible.

I also realize that TV series could be a propaganda tool.



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