$28 MILLION Jury Award to Watchtower Child Sex Abuse Victim!

UPDATE: Friday, June 15, 2012, 9:46 PM:
The early reports last night were for $20 Million & $1 Dollar Punitive Damages solely against the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society & the North Fremont Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses because the jury felt they had acted with malice against Plaintiff, Candace Conti. It has been confirmed since then that the actual Punitive Damages are for $21 Million & $1 Dollar, in addition to the $7 Million for Compensatory Damages. Therefore, the Grand Total is $28 Million & $1 Dollar. Please refer to the below Comments Section for all Updates.


Friday, June 15, 2012, 2:17 AM EDT:

This is huge & “hot off the press,” barely in the main stream news yet:

Wed., 6/13/12, an Alameda County, California, Jury awarded 26-year-old Candace Conti the sum of $7 MILLION for damages >> including for “MALICE” >> perpetrated by the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of New York HQ, the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Local North Fremont, California JW Congregation, & the JW-molester, Jonathan Kendrick, who abused & molested Ms. Conti for two years when she was 9-years-old. Read about that here:

And here is a copy of the actual $7 Million Jury Award:

Punitive Damages were to be decided the next day (Thurs., 6/14/12). The WT tried to have punitive damages dismissed but their request was DENIED. See photo (from top thread link):

The total for punitive damages was decided by the jury (& released late yesterday, Thurs., 6/14/12) to the tune of an additional $20 MILLION & $1 DOLLARS! Read about that announcement here:

Grand Total Awarded by Jury Trial to Ms. Conti vs. Watchtower, et al: $27 MILLION & $1 DOLLARs!! WOW!

All prior WT sex abuse lawsuits in the past several years were SETTLED with confidentiality agreements, so there were little details & exposure. But this being a public JURY award, more details will be readily available in short measure.

The $27 Million sum is to be paid out as follows:
–Pervert Kendrick 60%
–Local Congregation 13%
–Watchtower HQ 27%

From the looks of Kendrick (photo at below Silentlambs site), he has zero money, & the WT will probably appeal, etc. But Barbara Anderson reported that with Candace it was never about the money, but getting the WT policy re JW sex abusers into the broad daylight!

Barbara Anderson (above, with husband Joe), former JW & WT writer/researcher, who lived/worked at WT HQ in decades past, & who has worked with Bill Bowen from the beginning of Silentlambs.org in year 2000 to expose the WT/JW pedophile problem), wrote in the first thread at the top, that the WT attorney actually shed tears during the jury trial when proclaiming, “Why should the WT Society have to pay due to the bad actions of one man?” (or words to that effect). Crocodile tears?

To answer that attorney, the reason is: Because it is WT POLICY to keep child sex abuse SECRET! (Duh!)

Anderson wrote that the jury literally rolled their eyes at some of the things the WT said when presenting their defense. She promised to elaborate more about that at another time.

All exJW sites, blogs, forums, & Silentlambs.org, etc., will be posting followups & details so keep abreast via google if interested.

Silentlambs’ page re this lawsuit (photos, press release, documents, etc.): http://www.silentlambs.org/OaklandLawsuit.htm

Barbara Anderson’s website – Watchtower Documents LLC:

And congrats to Ms. Conti & all parties who helped her bring her case to this amazing & satisfying conclusion!

Circa Year 2000: Bill Bowen, above, now-former JW & JW “elder,” getting advice from WT HQ when a pedophile was discovered in his own Kentucky congregation. Their terrible advice (& “famous last words” as exposed on Dateline NBC in 2002) is what set Bill on his new & unexpected life path as founder of Silentlambs Org.

9/27/2002: Group gathers, above, for the first ever Silentlambs March against the WT HQ in Brooklyn.

Bill, still going strong:




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54 responses to “$28 MILLION Jury Award to Watchtower Child Sex Abuse Victim!

  1. TPR

    6/22/2012 by Kojack57:  

    “I will say this, the case where the Monsignor was found guilty of hiding and shuffling priests around to different parishes was found guilty of that, and now can face 3-1/2 to 7 years in prison. In fact his bail was refused and he is sitting in a cell now. 
    “If I was one of those JW elders in California I would be sweating bricks knowing that the court system may throw their sorry a**** in jail for hiding Pedophiles in the supposedly Christian congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses. 

    “It would behoove any elder that is active as a Jehovah’s Witness to get the H*** out now. Otherwise when the hammer comes down, the G.B. will not show any sympathy and you will deserve what you get.”

    Kojack quote from:


  2. TPR


    6/23/2012 by JW GoneBad:

    Elder training schools (not for MSs) are scheduled to start in November 2012 thru mid Jan 2013 and you can bet they’ll be hitting hard recent court cases involving child abuse. 

    It is anyone’s guess how many elders are considering stepping ‘down’, ‘up’, ‘out’ or ‘over’  due to recent child abuse case rulings? 

    One thing is for certain many, many an elder is looking into ‘Clergy Malpractice Insurance’ if there is such an animal!

    6/23/2012 by Balaamsass:

    JW gone Bad: THANK YOU!! $$$$$$

    “One thing is for certain many, many an elder is looking into ‘Clergy Malpractice Insurance’ if there is such an animal!”

    YES!!!!!!!!!! I knew I could find a money making multi-level opportunity on  this site eventually!!!! JW ELDER PEDO INSURANCE!!!!  Like legal shield or Pre-paid legal!!! We need to leave the flyers at coffee shops Saturaday mornings and on cars parked at Kingdom Halls !


  3. TPR

    The WIN WIN WIN (Triple Win) this month of JUNE 2012 is that in 2 out of the 3 pedophile cases, so far, “ADMINISTRATIVE” (Middle & Upper Mgmt. Men) Personnel of *INSTITUTIONS* are being HELD RESPONSIBLE for acts of pedophiles IN THEIR MIDSTS of whom they all chose to keep silent: 
    A.  after having knowledge of &/or being INFORMED of the pedophiles’ sexually abusive acts against young individuals under the care of these INSTITUTIONS.
    B.  after being advised by their “superiors” to keep it quiet!

    1.  Criminal Case:  The State of MA vs. RCC Diocese Secretary Wm Lynn, found guilty 6/22/12.  Lynn was just the “middle man” following orders of his “superiors” (the smoking gun was his copy of the list of pedos found in the trash).

    2.  Civil Case: Jane Doe (Candace Conti) vs. WTBTS-NY-HQ, her Local Fremont Calif JW Congregation, & Perp Jonathan Kendrick, all found guilty for civil damages 6/13+14/12.  Her 2 JW Elders were following the advice of their “superiors” at WT-HQ & kept silent re perp Kendrick (the smoking gun here was the 7/1/1989 letter from WT-HQ to all Bodies of Elders). 

    3.  Criminal Case:  The State of PA vs. Jerry Sandusky, the perp himself found guilty 6/22/12.  But it’s not over!  The Penn State President/Spanier & 2 Administrators/Curley/Schultz all collaborated to keep silent perp Sandusky’s pedo acts against younger boys & teens.  Those 3 Middle/Upper Administrators will be hung out to dry next (the smoking gun here are the emails between the 3 of them which were finally released by PSU after they were supposedly found by their hired internal investigator, though the State had asked for all such internal documents long ago).

    Read more re the 3rd case here:

    6/23/12:  Penn State Braces for Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuits After Sandusky Verdict: 


  4. TPR

    Speedy Sandusky Trial and Conviction Used to Cover Up Large Scale Pedophile Ring?
    Speedy trial and endless media coverage used to cover up larger sex ring?
    June 22, 2012


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