Conti vs. Watchtower $28M: Breakdown of Damages to be Paid

Some folks at this exJW thread today, 6/17/12, are confused re the exact amounts of who is supposed to pay what in the Candace Conti vs. WTBTS, et al. $28 Million jackpot case (congrats Candace! :):

So here’s the correct distribution:

1. The COMPENSATORY damages decided by the jury on Wed., 6/13/12, for $7 Million ($7,000,000.00) is to be paid out as follows (see court document below):

–Perpetrator Jonathan Kendrick: 60%
–The WTBTS of NY: 27%
–Fremont Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses: 13%

Or, to be exact:
-JK: 60% of $7,000,000 =$4,200,000.
-WT: 27% of $7,000,000 =$1,890,000.
-Cong: 13% of $7,000,000 =$910,000.

2. The additional PUNITIVE damages decided by the jury on Thurs., 6/14/12, for $21 Million & $1 Dollar ($21,000,001.00) is solely against the WTBTS of NY alone & no one else (see bottom of court document):

So, the WTBTS of NY is responsible for:
+27% of $7Mil (Comp) = $1,890,000.
+100% of $21Mil (Pun) = $21,000,001.
= Subtotal $22,890,001.00.

However, Plaintiff’s attorney, Rick Simons, said in the numerous news articles that the WTBTS of NY would actually be paying 40% of the $7 Mil Compensatory damages, meaning simply that “The Org” (aka “Mother” to the JWs :) will be paying their 27% ($1,890,000) plus the Fremont Congregation’s 13% ($910,000).

The figures now look like this:

+27% of $7Mil (Comp) = $1,890,000.
+13% of $7Mil (Comp) = $910,000.
+100% of $21Mil (Pun) = $21,000,001.
= Grand Total to be paid by WTBTS of NY: $23,800,001.00.


FYI: The extra $1 in Punitive damages was the jury’s way of showing they wanted to give more than $21 Million for Punitive damages. The reason they did Not award more is because when more than three times the Compensatory damages ($7 Million in this case) is awarded, it is more liable to appellate attack, per Barbara Anderson of Watchtower Documents LLC.

Therefore, the jury opted for three times the Compensatory award of $7 Million, or $21 Million for Punitive damages ($7 Mil x 3 = $21 Mil), & they added the extra $1 as a show of support for actually wanting to award more.


Here is a copy of the agreed-to by all parties “Stipulation Regarding Watchtower’s Assets” official court document dated 6/14/12:

Re the WTBTS of *NEW YORK* (vs. the big momma corporation, WTBTS of *PENNSYLVANIA*) Assets of $30mil cash & $1bil in property, as shown in the above official court document dated 6/14/12, Barbara Anderson (of Watchtower Documents LLC) said on 6/16/12:

“These are the figures that the judge fixed instead of making the WT comply by providing figures which would only lead to stalling and in-
fighting between attorneys. Plaintiff’s attorney offered what he knew to be a realistic figure for Watchtower of NY, based on what the Brooklyn real estate experts said the property in Brooklyn was worth – One Billion. How the judge came up with the figure of 30 million, I don’t know, but apparently the plaintiff’s attorney provided input from what info he could gather. Rather than see a delay, the judge decided to offer these figures and WT accepted. I was told that the figure used for WT’s cash is not a figure that came from WT’s income statements. (You know that would never happen.) Although I’m sure that I’m correct about the judge fixing the figures, always remember that my info is only as good as the information I get.

“I happen to know for sure that WT of PA is the money-bag WT corporation. She’s the mother of all the small-fry entities.”

6/16/2012 by Paralipomenon: ”According to this (below) sheet, it showed the Watchtower [of PENNSYLVANIA] having cash on hand of $268 million in 1998. I’m sure they have much more than that now:

“…Makes you wonder how much the WT is worth when you put all their pieces together.”

6/16/2012 by NewYork44M: ”You need to understand that there are multiple corporations including many international corporations. What you present is for a single corporation. You need to find the consolidated statements – which you will never find. I doubt they even disclose to the IRS the full extent of their holdings.”

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FYI: All official Court documents are online at the Alameda County Courts website:

Reference Case No. HG11558324
Jane Doe (Candace Conti) vs. WTBTS, et al.

Another person put them online here:
Zip file, 135 MB last I looked:


Please follow all Updates I’m posting (45 so far!) in the Comments Section at my original 6/15/12 article re Candace Conti’s WT lawsuit/victory, here:

6/15/12: “$28 MILLION Jury Award to Watchtower Child Sex Abuse Victim!” – THE PARADISE REPORTER:

Thank You!



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  1. FYI:  I would post this info at the above exJW Forum itself, but since 2003 when Simon, owner of the JWD now JWN Forum, began finagling with the software that runs his forum, I have not been able to post there hardly at all because of using Mac computers (which mine are always a few years behind the times) which have either not worked at all at his Forum, or worked like total crapola at that site ever since!  I kid you not.  And now using an iphone, I can only READ the forum but not post to it.  I heard that Opera-Mini iphone browser can access the Forum so I tried it but talk about brutal torture SLOW & a memory hog!  It’s just not worth the hassle.

    Simon has been promising for almost 10 years to make the forum more Mac-friendly — he even bought himself a Mac a number of years ago to help himself figure it out, lol.  He also moved his family from England to Canada during that time, got a new job, & is raising several young children, so his hands are full & running the Forum & all the behind-the-scenes software coding, etc., is a part-time thing.

    So I’ll stick to using my WordPress blog & its Comment section for Updates since WP works fantastic & fast from iphone!


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