“The Isis Theater Renovation restored the original 1892 H. Webber Building, which received Historic Landmark Designation in 1995.” Quote Source: http://goldsmithandcompany.com/portfolio/isis-theater

The Isis Theater
“Located in the downtown core of Aspen, the Historic Isis Theater completed an exterior remodel in 1999. This 24,000 square foot commercial building had an exterior remodel of the historic front of the building. It also included 5 new theaters and a roof penthouse”: http://www.fentonconstruction.net/projects/50/18.php

(Isis Temple in Eqypt, above)

Michael Hoffman wrote on 7/20/12, re the Aurora “Batman shootings”:

“In Aspen, Colorado, a movie theatre named for the Egyptian goddess of all witchcraft, Isis, is taking extra security precautions today.”

Quote Source: “Predictive programming: Batman movie shooting synchronicity”:

Spooky that when I first heard about the Aurora shootings early Friday morning, “memory lane” rushed in & reminded me that the ONE & ONLY time I EVER attended a “Midnight Movie” was during my Aspen years (1975-1980) & tried to imagine what it would have been like had a shooter exploded into the theater that night (I was unable to imagine it & quickly dismissed the thought!)

The “midnight movie” we attended was “Fantasia” which I didn’t like one bit, the theater was hot & crowded, & the entire “Midnight Movie Experience” was a total waste of time, not to mention how sleepy I was. :)

The Isis was the ONE main movie theater in Aspen, but, of course, I had no clue in those days regarding the meaning of the name Isis (searched high & low on google & could not find out who chose the name for the Aspen theater back in 1915!)

It would only be a few short years later, however, when I did learn about Osiris, Isis, Horus, et al, when I first heard about & ordered in the early 1980’s a copy of the book, “The Two Babylons,” by Rev. Alexander Hislop! What an eye-opener! That book was my introduction to the Ancient Mystery Religions.**

The only other movie I recall ever going to out there in Aspen at the Isis Theater was… boom boom boom boom boom boom… JAWS! Ahhhh! (scream!) Now that WAS spooky & it was daylight in the afternoon!

Evidently there is a rock formation (above) known as the “Temple of Isis” in Williams Canyon, El Paso County, Colorado, so maybe that’s why the name Isis is popular in Colorado(?)


Isis Theater
406 East Hopkins Avenue
Aspen, CO 81611

Originally constructed by Henry Webber as commercial space in the 1890s. The building was later converted to a movie theater in 1915 (above photo). Like other historic buildings in downtown Aspen, the Isis facade is a reminder of a by-gone era and our heritage: http://www.heritageaspen.org/isis.html


1955: Isis Theatre Will Have Cinemascope in March – AspenTimes.com:

The Isis Theatre will have new Cinemascope projecting equipment and screen sometime in March, according to an announcement by owner, James N. Parsons, this week. A contract was signed last week for the new changeover and the equipment is expected to be installed during February. (Cost of adult admission was 50-cents. :) Read full 1955 story here: http://www.aspentimes.com/article/20060706/NEWS/107060034


Isis Theater in Aspen, CO – Cinema Treasures:

The Isis Theater opened around 1915, originally operating with a seating capacity of 360. Along with silent films, variety shows, and minstrel shows the building also hosted church services every Sunday. (Ha! I guess they had to overlook the name Isis just to have a place to meet in those days, or, more likely, they also didn’t have a clue what Isis even stood for.)

The Isis is listed in 1998 with 387 seats. Still listed as a single screen. Operator that year was D. Linza.

The original auditorium of the Isis was entirely demolished in 1998. Only the facade of the original building (which was erected in 1892 as a warehouse) is still standing.

In 1999 it was remodeled and opened as a five screen theater. There are three larger screens on the ground floor, and three smaller houses in the basement. There is no original interior decor left from the single screen days. The lobby was completely gutted and rebuilt.

As of 2001, there were five screens, and that the total seating capacity was 753. Perhaps one of the auditoriums has since been closed.

What a shame that they gutted and multiscreened it. The old Isis was a treat. If Aspen can’t save a historic theater, who can? (Agreed. Shocking that the City allowed it. They are big on preserving the old buildings.)


Not saving the Isis Theatre would be ludicrous – AspenTimes.com:

The 92-year-old building is on the market, and a lot of people are worried it will go the way of the Mother Lode restaurant and be converted into still more high-end residential or boutique commercial property. … What’s to prevent a cherished movie house from becoming a collection of jewelry boutiques and overpriced clothing stores? …

The Isis is an Aspen historical gem. Every generation since 1915 has known it as the town’s movie house. …the Isis is the last of its kind in town. Without the Isis, Aspen would become less interesting, less vibrant, less unique. … The Isis is Aspen’s last and best movie theater (the Wheeler Opera House shows movies, but not full time). … It’s the only place where, on any day of the week, we can go to relax, forget our worries and get lost in the silver screen. (Full story here): http://www.aspentimes.com/article/20060519/DAILYCOMMENT/105190050


Aspen purchases Isis Theatre – AspenDailyNews.com:

The Isis Theatre will remain afloat now that the city and private investors are chipping in to keep it open. While one screen will turn into retail, the four remaining ones will still be leased out to Aspen Filmfest. The city of Aspen, along with private investors and Aspen Filmfest, have reached a deal to acquire the Isis Theater for $7.5 million, the city announced on Tuesday: http://www.aspendailynews.com/article_16313


Aspen OKs retail leases for Isis Theatre;
Some City Council members were hoping for more locals-oriented businesses – AspenTimes.com:

“We are having difficulty attracting entry-level or mid-level places where [locals] can shop,” Mayor Mick Ireland said. “We are not able to keep affordable places…” (No joke! It was bad in the 1970’s, can’t even imagine now. Had to shop at the Aspen thrift store or drive down to Glenwood Springs which had a JC Penney’s.)

City officials spent considerable time in the past year working out a deal that would keep four of the five movie screens operating. City Hall ended up financing the purchase of the historic theater and allowed one screen to be converted into retail space. That space is leased by the Isis Retail Group, a group of investors who were going to buy the theater before the city stepped in.

The city of Aspen owns the building and leases the space to Courtney Lord, who heads the retail group. Aspen Film leases the theater portion of the building and subleases it to Rocky Mountain Resort Cinemas. An agreement with the city stipulates that both local organizations have a right to own the spaces in 30 years.

… a previous council determined that the retail stores should be affordable.

“It’s not precisely in the framework of what we were hoping for,” City Finance Director Paul Menter said Monday. (Full story here): http://www.aspentimes.com/article/20071212/NEWS/71211046


State Court Awards Aspen (Isis) Theatre Rights to Ingmar Bergman Films – Digital Cinema Report:

In 2003, Isis was awarded a judgment for over $5.9 million against Svensk, to which was later added over $850,000 in costs and fees. Svensk has never paid this, however, and with interest it now owes Isis close to $10 million.

The dispute stems from a 1997 agreement between Isis and Svensk to transform the Isis into a multiplex cinema. Svensk guaranteed the lease on the project, but when its partner, Resort Theaters of America, went bankrupt in 2000, Svensk refused to honor the deal.

The stakes of the litigation were raised significantly earlier this year when Colorado District Court Judge Denise Lynch held Svensk in contempt of court and fined the company $2,500 a day―over $900,000 a year―for disobeying a court order requiring it to disclose its assets to Isis so that the judgment could be enforced.

Svensk claims the rights to more than 1,200 films―some of them nearly 100 years old―including the works of Ingmar Bergman.

“A court decision in Colorado means nothing in Sweden,” Larsson told Variety. (Lol, no doubt. Read full story here):


The Isis Theater in Aspen is currently open and shows first run movies.

This theatre is now operated by Metropolitan Theatres:

Nice sepia-toned “copyrighted” photo outside of The Isis, dated 2008: http://www.pbase.com/image/93549380

And a whole lot of Aspen’s Isis Theater photos here, inside & out, also (PITB) “copyrighted”: http://www.cinematour.com/tour/us/1683.html


There is an Isis Theater in Victor, Colorado, built in 1899, but it is now an Antique & Junk Store (above).

There was also an Isis Theater in Denver but it was demolished circa 1953.

Trinidad, Colorado, also has an Isis Theater.

Isis seems to be a popular name for theaters in general (wonder why? Do Masons own all these Isis theaters?) Misc. photos below are from various Isis Theaters in Ogden UT, Ft. Worth TX, Port Arthur TX, Fargo ND, Ohio, California, etc.

“On Golden Pond” – that’s an oldie (which I saw & did not like either! Full of cursing as I recall).

Ohio Isis Theater, above.

20-cents admission, lol. As a kid in the 1950’s, we went to Saturday matinees for hours & it only cost a quarter.

Cute white building, above, though it looks like a pyramid symbol near the top(?)

Oops! Isis got fried, above.

Fargo, ND, Isis, above.


**Strangely enough, the WT “publishing company” used to sell “The Two Babylons” book which is where I ordered it from, straight from their NY-HQ. They used to sell other books/Bibles besides their own, so I had also ordered from them all non-WT books they offered: Flavius Josephus (big fat hardcover), & a KJV, ASV, NAS (a Catholic Bible), the JB (huge fat & heavy Jerusalem Bible), & Byington’s Bible in Living English (also large & heavy). They sold these versions only because they all used the name “Jehovah” at least once! And they sold “The Two Babylons” because WT thinks the RCC (& all of “Christendom”) is “Babylon The Great/Harlot.” The RCC will play a big part when it totally merges with apostate Israel/Masons/New Age, etc. The earlier Two Babylons pre-book “pamphlets” had the right idea with the hexagram/666 as in this photo:

I used to throw all those Bible versions on the bed & sit for hours comparing different scripture renderings. It was one of my favorite things to do! besides devouring the big fat Concordance & cross-
referencing scriptures, another favorite activity. In this digital age I miss the old days of paper & hardcopy books, yet at the same time can’t see doing it the old slower way with so many Scripture Tools online!


END of Memory Lane. They say you know you’re getting old when most of your memories are way behind you. :)



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