1937: Amelia Earhart was a Spy

Fascinating piece of devilish history:

In brief, circa 1937:

–Amelia Earhart was a spy for the US Government to fly over Japanese territories in the Pacific to see what they were up to.

–The US Navy at the time could already intercept & interpret Japanese coded communications (but had to keep this secret, including that they knew in advance about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor four years later).

–The US Navy was supposed to be guiding Earhart on her mission but they screwed up, she flew too far off course, ran out of gas & crashed right near the Marshall Islands. The US Navy was aware of her crash location then & there.

–She & her assistant, Noonan, were rescued alive & this has been common knowledge among everyone on the Marshall Islands for 75 years! The local government even issued four commemorative stamps depicting the crash & rescue! (photos at top)

–FDR & the US Government could NOT let the Japanese know that they could intercept/interpret Japanese codes, so they had to “play dumb” re Earhart’s crash & location, & instead sent out a huge “fake search mission” for her that lasted 16 days, finally “giving up” & stating “officially” that she, Noonan, & her plane, the “Electra,” were lost at sea.

–Earhart & Noonan, as no-longer-useful-idiots for the spying plan, were killed sometime between being transferred from the Marshall Islands to Saipan, & her plane was purposefully destroyed by fire at Saipan.

–Hillary Clinton is doing her part in promoting the continuing deception.

–BTW, goading & provoking Japan to attack Pearl Harbor in 1941 was part of the Judeo-Masonic plan for WW2 of which Freemason FDR was intimately involved: http://www.pagrandlodge.org/mlam/presidents/froosevelt.html



8/7/12: Hillary Clinton & the Amelia Earhart Cover-up: Review of “Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last” by Mike Campbell: http://www.dcdave.com/article5/120807.htm



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