Great photo worth saving! I love the half-cracked smile on his face. The photo goes with the below typical, modern (read Illuminati-brainwashed, social-engineering, dumbing-down) story of 61-year-old Canadian teacher, Lynden Dorval, above, who has been teaching for 35 years, & who graded students -0- for not completing assignments, & is now being kicked out by the school board for doing so!

Seems the school board doesn’t want to infringe upon the delicate psyches of pampered rebellious students (read sarcasm with that!)

Teacher Dorval has acquired the title of MR. ZERO due to his stance. We love you, Mr. Zero! Keep up the good work vs. spoiled brat school kids & deceived school boards!

Board resumes effort to fire Lynden Dorval for ignoring no-zero policy 8/30/12 – Canada National Post:



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  1. TPR

    “MR. ZERO” gets a new job!  Good for him!

    9/19/12:  Teacher who was fired for giving students zeros finds new home at ‘old-fashioned’ Edmonton private school:

    CALGARY — When Peter Mitchell, the headmaster of a small academic private school in Edmonton, scouted for a new physics teacher, he found the perfect candidate in the newspaper. Lynden Dorval made headlines when he was fired for refusing to comply with his public school’s “no-zero” policy. Mr. Mitchell saw a teacher with passion, standards, and 35 years experience.

    At Mr. Mitchell’s Tempo School, no student would be surprised to receive a zero for failing to hand in an assignment.

    “Tempo School is a self-consciously old-fashioned school.”


    Read more at above link which includes info on another new dumbing-down & softening-up way schools are making mush brains out of kids, called “Formative Assessment.” It has that same familiar & sickening sound of “Dynamic Equivalence” which is the dumbung-down of Scripture.


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