Disaster Donations, Dividends, Diversions, & Diapers: Who Really Benefits?

Next time there’s an international disaster somewhere and you want to help, the best course is to seek out and donate directly to the smaller Christian outfits that actually already have a track record in whichever area, and bypass the UN-connected “big wig” groups altogether.

Otherwise (and not surprising), your donations may end up in the pockets of some “elite contractor” rather than buying food and diapers for the babies who need them.  


Just as wars are purposefully promulgated for the benefit of a few, so likewise “disasters” can be created via “weather warfare,” HAARP, Scalar Wave Technology, etc., for the benefit of the same globalist groups and their New World Order (NWO) Agenda.  Non-Integrating Gap countries like Haiti (those who through poverty or attitude do not willingly give up their sovereignty to the NWO) are decimated &/or destroyed — on purpose — so they can be “rebuilt from the ground up” and “with a new [forced] mindset” to align with the NWO goals.


Countries in the NWO-Target Zone: The Non-Integrating Gap.

This 2003-updated-in-2009 (before the 2010 Haiti EQ) said:

“Now, let us look at specific countries:
1. Haiti — Efforts to build a [NWO] nation in 1990 were disappointing. Expect more intervention and soon.”

Clue: “Intervention” does not equal “Benevolence”!  Read full details here:

The World Is On Fire In The “Non-Integrating Gap”! (Originally Posted March, 2003 – Updated October, 2009)”:


It is a very sad state of affairs regarding the Haiti disaster donations, as shown in the below article at Henry Makow’s site dated 11/27/12.

(Photo: Ten months after the Haiti EQ, locals protest the UN & their associated NGO’s.)

Between the 1/12/10 Haiti EQ and an early 2012 report, $1.6 and $2 Billion for relief and recovery, respectively, was donated. Where did all that money go? One example: Out of 1,490 contracts issued for recovery, only 23 of those went to local Haitian contractors.

See the sad, sorry breakdown here:

11/27/12: Haiti Earthquake Relief is a Boondogglehenrymakow.com:


Previously Posted 2/3/10 after the Haiti EQ:

HELP HAITI (apart from the UN), Here’s How
WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 2010, · 8:49:29 AM

This suggestion is from the site of one of my trusted Christian sources, Watch Unto Prayer: 

If you wish to donate to a trustworthy Christian relief ministry to Haiti, we recommend Missionary Flights International located in Fort Pierce, FL. Established in 1964, MFI transports supplies to many Christian missions serving in the Caribbean. Since the earthquake, MFI is carrying supplies to Haiti daily, as well as transporting passengers to and from Haiti. MFI has no affilation with the United Nations as do the Red Cross, World Vision and many other relief organizations. To learn more about MFI click here:


A little information can go a long way!


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