Hanging out at YouTube tonight, when I saw this video I thought, “Ha! What a perfect title to dedicate to the Bildys for their annual secretive conference taking place this weekend at The Grove Hotel in Watford, UK!”

So here you go, Bildy boys & girls, from the late, great Jessy Dixon…


“Jessy Dixon – The Wicked Shall Cease From Troubling”:


Video Link:
http://www .youtube .com/watch?v=9s6pAu2P9H4



The wicked shall cease from troubling,

And the weary will be at rest,

And all of the saints and the angels (or, all of the saints of the ages),

Shall sit at HIS feet and be blessed!

I’m just a stranger down here,

This ol’ world is not my home.

You are going to get up looking for me one of these mornings,

But thank GOD I’ll be gone on home.

I don’t mind lies being told on me,

I don’t mind being rebuked and scorned,

Because everytime they tell a lie on me,

It’s another brick in my beautiful home.


Lol. What a fun rendition of this old gospel song with that big gang of our black brothers & sisters. Nothing like “having church” at 2am at youtube, fantastic!

In the Comments section it was said that the late Jessy Dixon (lead singer) wrote this as a teenager. How about that! They also said the crowd was full of old time gospel greats from decades gone by, & that the younger gospel-singing artists today can’t even come close (agree with that! Theirs sounds more like bar sleaze with Jesus’ name thrown in for good measure).

That video was filmed in 1994, almost 20 whole years ago!

The title & lyrics are based on Job 3:17-19, which is a section of Scripture where Job was heavily lamenting his troubles & asking why couldn’t he have simply died at birth & been spared all the sorrow?

Jessy just died within the last year or so. What a shame. I also love his, “Master, The Tempest Is Raging,” another perfect fit for his singing style (& another perfect title for our times with NSA spying, sodomite glamorization, corruption left & right, rising prices & shrinking products, polluting children’s minds in schools, false flags, debauchery on TV, etc., ad nauseam).
But for every lying deception perpetrated upon mankind by the NWO swindlers & thieves, hey, it’s just another brick in the heavenly “mansions” of the saints. Hehe.

So enjoy your conference, Bilderdogs. It’s as good as it’s going to get for the likes of you, the “rich & famous” MANIPULATORS of world affairs. (Of course they describe themselves as the “most influential group in the world.” Umm, excuse me, but isn’t UNDUE INFLUENCE the same as MANIPULATION? I rest my case.)



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