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They Will Use Any Excuse to Get at Your Children


Are we referring to the “boogeymen in the night” coming after your children? Nope! We’re talking about politicians with their lying lips! (Do they have any other kind?)

Today I learned two more “excuses” of the NewWorldOrderlies to get their hands on your babies:

1. Bullying/Suicides. Ah yes, if they can take authority over your kids at younger & younger ages, THEY (not you) will teach them to have “hope” & “oppportunity” in spite of POSSIBLE future bullying &/or the CHANCE your child will grow up to want to commit suicide!

2. So YOU can work MORE HOURS!

Besides those two, we already knew another reason, & that’s to sexualize children at younger & younger ages. See this prior TPR post regarding Obama’s Early Sexualization of Children Plan (yes, he assumes you’re incapable of teaching your OWN kids about the “birds & the bees” at the appropriate age, so he wants to take that “burden” off your shoulders & let the Commie-Mommie State do it):

Number 1 above was brought to my attention today via a post over at Fellowship Of The Minds (FOTM), which then inspired me to create a picture (above), & which I was then going to share with FOTM but after doing a little research I ended up with a too-long-comment (as usual over there), so decided to just post it all here (have taken almost a year off from TPR-blogging as it is & won’t be back just yet):

De Blasio says pre-K expansion will curb student suicides
Posted on March 25, 2014 by DCG:

I call “baloney” on New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s line of [corrupt] reasoning. Good ol’ Common Sense will tell you that:

–It is the PARENTS’ job to TEACH “youngsters ‘hope’ and ‘opportunity.’” (Almighty God agrees, see Proverbs 22:6 as an example: )

–The core personality of a child is still being formed between birth & age six. Regarding extreme mind-control programming, Dr. Ellen P. Lacter (PhD) says that, “Children must be very young in order for mind control programming to be initially installed, under 4 or 5 years of age. Modifications to the original programming can be made later”: But we’re not even talking about “complex mind control,” but merely creating non-thinking, non-rebelling, submissive robots who will never question anything the NWO-Overlords are doing now or in the future. So it will be even EASIER for the Commies at that young age than for extreme mind control.

“At this age, they are sponges,” said Lucas Abreu, a physical education teacher in New Jersey ( ). And THAT’s the problem! Put a sponge in a pile of anti-God/Leftist/Communist-MUD & what will it soak up?

–No outsider should be interfering with that child’s growing heart & mind during that early stage but the teaching/guiding/nurturing/ bonding/loving by the parents, grandparents, etc. (Of course if the parents are screwed up, you do have a problem, but early-age Communist-Pre-Kindergarten is not the answer.)

–The ONLY reason they want control of your kids younger & younger is because they KNOW that to “seal” their personalities for life as mental slaves for the New World Order & to corrupt them morally & spiritually, they need to get at them YOUNG, YOUNGER, YOUNGEST!

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution a year ago:

“The President’s plan will maintain and build on current Head Start investments, to support a greater share of infants, toddlers, and 3-year olds in America’s Head Start centers, while state preschool settings will serve a greater share of 4-year olds.

“The President will also launch a new Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership program, to support states and communities that expand the availability of Early Head Start and child care providers that can meet the highest standards of quality for infants and toddlers, serving children from birth through age 3.”

–It’s already too late in some places: In New Jersey the idea wasn’t going over so well, so they resorted to “CREATIVE” (read: In Your Face) MARKETING, per the NYTimes:

“New Jersey districts had difficulty recruiting students at first and resorted to creative marketing. They lined trays at McDonald’s with fliers, hit the Sunday speaking circuit at churches, and hung bilingual banners emphasizing that the program was free.

“’There was a cultural shift,’ [THAT’s EXACTLY what they WANT!] said Stanley M. Sanger, the Union City schools superintendent. Education officials here estimate that they now enroll virtually all of the city’s 3- and 4-year-olds in preschool programs for six hours each day. Some students participate in a summer program as well.”

–And what about the parents? What are they doing while their kids are in Pre-K six hours a day & all Summer? They want the parents to WORK MORE (which not only keeps the family separate from each other longer, a Communist goal, but also provides more $$$ taxes for the NWO-brainwashing of their OWN kids):

“Gail B. Nayowith, a member of a six-person task force appointed by Mr. de Blasio to carry out his prekindergarten plan, said that while the mayor wanted to ensure positive academic outcomes, that was not the only goal. With more children enrolled in prekindergarten, she said, parents would be able to work more hours during the day”:

–Aren’t you ecstatic the State wants to help you work MORE HOURS? Don’t you work enough hours as it is? Wouldn’t you like MORE TIME to raise & train your OWN children, not LESS time? This whole idea that Pre-K, K, & Public Schools can do a BETTER JOB than YOU raising & teaching your OWN kids is the biggest lie of the last 100 years. When the State comes & takes your baby right out of the womb to put it in “Infant-School,” maybe you’ll finally believe what their goal really is. (Oh, that’s right, they already showed their hand with “Head Start”! Isn’t that how a baby comes into the world? > Head Start?!)


Further Reading:

Learn how the “Frankfurt School” took over Education in America beginning in the 1920-1930’s & they are still at it:

Frankfurt School – Satanic Judaism in Action
January 18, 2013 – Henry Makow, PhD:


Compulsory “Education” – Hidden Face of Tyranny
August 9, 2013 – by Victoria Malcolm Story (a mother of three very well-versed on this subject):


“Screw the Judge – I Homeschooled My Children”
August 10, 2013 – by a father who homeschooled his kids:


Photo Credits: The top photo of DeBlasio pointing to his head, which was with the FOTM post, sort of looks like that drawing I put on the right from an “old Masonic text” as shown originally in Texe Marrs’ Codex Magica book: , but was republished/found on this page:




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Good brief observation & summation re all things Ron Paul in this comment:


Dan said (September 13, 2013):

I observed the whole Ron Paul ‘rEvolution’ rise rise from it’s ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington’ startup in 2007. What started as voter desperation to escape the clutches of the war mongers that run the US government and maybe – just maybe, reopen investigation of 911, morphed gradually into the Cult of the Whore of Babylon – Ayn Rand.

It turned out that Ron Paul was what we call a “Pied Piper,” a NWO agent like Timothy Leary was. Except instead of altered consciousness with LSD – it’s GOLD FEVER.

It’s a cheap tactic, seems to work again and again — it’s a LONG CON. Few of Ron’s followers remembered that he’d done the same schtick in the election of ’88 as the Libertarian candidate. By the way, at least three Libertarian candidates since 1980 have been admitted CIA.

When it morphed from talk of restoring the original US Constitution to wasting time reading ‘Atlas Shrugged’ and ‘The Fountainhead’ I was ready to reach for a loaded gun.

Then Ron predictably passed the torch to his son RAND, named after AYN RAND and the social Darwinist utopia. A place that can only exist if the Georgia Guidestones are carried out.

The sheeple always forget why they started following another Pied Piper in the first place. Most of Ron Paul’s followers never heard of Ayn Rand, and they didn’t understand Libertarianism. They confused the word Liberty [1] with the notion of individual freedom.

[1] ‘Liberty’ is when the sailors are allowed to leave the ship, but if they don’t report back to ship on time the Shore Patrol goons throw them in the brig.


Source & Full Article re the “Liberty Dollar” founder:

9/12/13: “Libertarian Meets ‘Sound Money’ Hero:


Re Dan’s comment: Exactly! It didn’t take too long to begin to distrust RP with his El Diablo-supposed-I-Love-You hand signs, his Masonic connection per long-time-aide Penny Freeman letter, his creepy college fraternity connection, his fake version of Christianity that believes in evolution, his continued “blowback” fake 9/11 excuses, & his promise-breaking early bailout from the 2008 Prez campaign, etc. “Dr. Feel Good” quickly became “Dr. No.”

For more details about that, see Part VI here, “The Libertarian Revolution”:



Side Note:

Fascinating history of The Pied Piper, where 130 children disappeared from the city of Hamelin in the 1200-1300’s on June 26 or July 22:

Pied Piper of Hamelin – Wikipedia:

Many details there but two explanations stood out:

1. “Silver-tongued” “lokators” dressed in “many colors” came to town & enticed the city’s youth to move away & settle/establish unoccupied areas of Poland with promises of a better life, etc. (However, if you click on Wiki’s hyperlink for “lokator,” there is a picture of a midieval lokator wearing a hat but his clothes are not “many colors.”)

2. The children (or youth) were “seduced to the place of execution” to a nearby HILL.

Who could afford multi-colored clothing in those days? Nobility?

Merchants & Banksters? (Jews?)

Early “real estate sharks”? (Catholic Church clergy?)

“Candy men” dressed in “rainbow” colors? (a pedophile was the culprit, per one suggestion, but 130 children all at once? It takes a “normal” pedo a lifetime to seduce 100 kids, unless the Piper wanted a harem, or he had a gang of fellow pedos waiting in the wings).

Red & Purple-garbed Satanists/Occultists looking for sacrificial victims? (HILLS or “high places” are historical places of sacrifices).

Talmudic Jewish Rabbis looking for “blood libel” victims en-masse?

I guess we’ll never know in this life. Whichever, 130-160 children/youth “went away” from Hamelin one Summer never to return.

BTW, the “rat connection” to the Pied Piper story was added a few centuries later. Hmmm. A “cover up”?

(Photos also from Wiki.)


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For newbies, “Agit-Prop” is short for “AGITATION PROPAGANDA,” a Judeo-
Masonic-inspired Communist tactic to “agitate” (provoke) the common masses of people toward whatever direction/action the Real Perpetrators Behind The Scenes desire.

The above two photos are perfect examples, as described by the publisher of “The Anti-New York Times” (aka A-NYT, info further below).

How so? Any menfolk left with their natural instincts intact as protectors of “the weaker vessel, the feminine one,” would be incensed at such a sight & would want to rise up & rebel against “police authority.” This is exactly what the Judeo-Masonic World Conspirators (JMWC) want. Then the JMWC would have “legitimate excuse” to mow down all the “good men” who are the real threat to World Tyranny (the women not so much a threat; but the JMWC make good use of them for their goals, the above photos being just one small example).

Just as Hitler’s reign would have been emasculated without his right-
hand-man Propagandist, Goebbels, to brainwash the public, likewise the JMWC long ago (50-70-80 years now) bought up &/or are controllers of all Mainstream Media Giants (& lesser affiliate-giants). They work hand-in-hand with the JMWC to push the world to their desired end, Total Control = One World Government with themselves (JMWC) “riding the beast.”


Another example from The A-NYT re: Edward Snowden/NSA-Spying/Amnesty for the “Whistleblower”: In case the above, left, text is not clear, it says:


Point: All these countries going topsy-turvy with riots & supposed “grassroots” uprisings are a ruse. It doesn’t matter for what reason or cause. People in general just want to live & let live in peace & quiet. But how can the devil have his day if people stay content? He can’t. So via his JMWC puppets & their Media-Propagandists, they ALSO purposefully inflame the populace by sending in Agitators, Change Agents, Subversives, “Revolutionaries,” Moles, etc. to “work people up” into a frenzy. They are the leaders in your new little neighborhood “watch groups,” your city halls & councils, etc. They are master brainwashers & emotion-manipulators.

Learn to recognize how they operate & what they say,
And you won’t be caught up in the frey.


Lastly, re the riots in Brazil, the text of this A-NYT editorial says:


Ha! King Kong Meets Brazil, lol. Excellent that he points out the “professional look” of posters & banners as being highly suspect. I hadn’t quite thought of that concretely before, but now will not forget that great tip!


ALL ABOVE PHOTOS & THEIR ENCLOSED EDITORIAL DESCRIPTIONS (within the frames which were added by me) are from the Free “Sample Issue” dated late June 2013 of “THE ANTI-NEW YORK TIMES” — lol, great title:

Weekly subscription (donation) rates for The A-NYT begin as low as $1 per week:

Besides teaching all of us a little more re “media fakery” & especially visual media-propaganda, I also want to give the publisher of The A-NYT a little exposure here as I like his idea to take just one “propaganda rag” & focus only on its front page headlines with his CORRECTED A-NYT News Interpretations. Great idea & Good job! That takes dedication & persistence to stomach reading MSM as a regular diet. :)


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“In the last days… they will not tolerate sound doctrine, but will heap to themselves [advertisers] in order to have their EARS TICKLED.”
–2nd Timothy Ch.3 (ad lib version)


Below is the latest list of 16 God-hating, Morality-hating corporations & smaller businesses which are literally tripping over themselves, gushing with delight over their new, nauseating Pro-
Homosex advertising “jingles & slogans,” in order to throw their full weight behind the Communist “Diversity” Lie along with their never-
ending greed to rack up bucks from the flamboyant sodomite big spenders. They even have specific personnel whose jobs are to attract, kowtow to, bow down to, & sucker up the socalled “Diversity Market.”


–Lucky Charms /General Mills, Inc., Minneapolis, MN
–McCann New York (Advertising)
–Nike, Inc.
–Westfield Malls
–The Doughnut Plant, NYC
–Marriott (Hotels)
–Bud Light (Beer)
–Red Bull (Energy Drink)
–Grey Poupon (Mustard)
–Banana Republic (Clothing)
–Hanes (Undergarments, Clothing)
–American Apparel
–AT&T (Telcom)
–Macy’s (Dept. Store)
–Wells Fargo (Banking)
–Johnson & Johnson (Dental Floss, etc.)


If you can stomach it, the new “LGBTQ” advertising “jingles & slogans,” photos, etc. are located on the Pro-Homosex site linked in the NY Daily News article.

Corporations will SAY ANYTHING to secure their bottom line, all under the disguise that they actually CARE re the human souls they are schmoozing with their sin-laden homosexual advertising.

“Diversity” is one of those New World Order “buzz words” concocted in the minds of evil men (“Ministry of Propaganda”) whose meaning is the exact opposite of what they WANT you to think it means. How so? If they can get a majority of the planet to turn Homo = Poof! “Natural Families” will dwindle, giving the Luciferian Cabal that much more control over human life & reproduction, one of their ultimate aims. The life they may choose to extinguish may be yours. How “glaad” will that make you?


I see only 3 of the 16 companies that I have their products/services, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to ditch those.


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